20 Taco Bell Foods, Ranked After Smoking 10 Joints

What should you order when you’re stoned at Taco Bell? We ate the whole friggin menu to find out.

I love Taco Bell, mostly when I’m high which is mostly most of the time. It’s my favorite thing to eat, but even I haven’t experienced the entire menu. At least I hadn’t experienced it, until I threw down on a bunch of pre-rolls from PUFF (my favorite is Balance), dropped $50 on Taco Bell—which buys you a ton of Taco Bell!—and hired professional photographer Joel Flora to capture me at “work.” I thought I knew what Taco Bell menu item would win. I thought I knew myself. I was wrong.

Joel Flora/High Times

20. Cinnabon Delights

Disgusting. I expected to bite into a sugary sweet Cinnabon filled with gooey frosting. Instead, I bit into a lump of dense dough that had soaked up all the icing like a sponge so when I bit into it nothing poured out except my own disappointment.

19. Spicy Tostada

Points for being a vegetarian option, but it’s just taco condiments piled on a hard taco shell – lettuce, tomato, cheese, and some top sauce slapped on a smear of beans – that’s lame. If I have a dollar I’m spending it on a soda or a Swisher, not this.

Joel Flora/High Times

18. Chipotle Chicken Loaded Griller

Nope. It tastes like they grilled strips of a yellow rubber chicken instead of a real bird.

17. Spicy Potato Soft Taco

It’s fine. Get it if you want. You’ll take a bite, and go, “It’s fine.”

Joel Flora/High Times

16. Mexican Pizza

Now we’re talking! One of the sexiest cheese pulls in the game, but a tad too expensive to crack my Top 15.

Joel Flora/High Times

15. Cinnamon Twists

If Taco Bell teamed up with Costco to sell these in bulk they’d do Black Friday level sales. I usually buy two bags so I can house one on the drive home.

14. Beefy Nacho Griller

It’s good, but it’s a Frito Burrito with off-brand chips. That’s like buying a box of cereal called Fortune Trinkets because Lucky Charms is a bit more expensive—you’re gonna wish you got the Lucky Charms.

Joel Flora/High Times

13. 3 -Layer Nachos

The chips are dank: thin, crispy, salty, and honestly I was so inspired I did something I’ve never done before and covered them in a trifecta of hot sauces. It was an excellent move I can’t recommend enough.

TIED 11. Crunchy Taco & Soft Taco

Both $1.49
Reliable, iconic, and delicious. These would be ranked higher, but Taco Bell has some wild concoctions on their menu right now, so this is where these belong.

Joel Flora/High Times

10. Frito Burrito

When Taco Bell retires Frito Burritos they’re gonna wind up in the Hall of Tacos (HOT).
PS: You’re welcome, Taco Bell, I just came up with the name of your Hall of Fame.

9. Cheesy Bean and Rice Burrito

Simply the best vegetarian option you can buy on their menu for less than $3.00.

Joel Flora/High Times

8. XXL Grilled Stuft Burrito

If Taco Bell had celebrities this is an A-lister: beef, guac, sour cream, ranch, beans, rice, pico, and cheese! C’mon, that’s the total package like Dua Lipa wrapped in a tortilla.

7. Quesarito

It’s a stoners’ two favorite things: A burrito swaddled in a quesadilla. Perfect.

Joel Flora/High Times

6. Nacho Cheese Dorito Locos Taco

Game changer. This OG opened the door for Taco Bell to make so many other ‘foods as taco shells’ like Elvis for say, the Chainsmokers.

5. Caramel Apple Empanada

You may be thinking, “What is this doing in the Top Five?”, but this empanada is like a dab—until I tried it I didn’t think it was anything special. Then realized I was wrong.

Joel Flora/High Times

4. Wild Naked Chicken Chalupa

Reminds me of Alice in Resident Evil because this is the next step in Taco Bell’s evolution. I was ready to hate eating a taco shell made from chicken, but it was diabolically good.

Joel Flora/High Times

3. Double Decker Taco

An all-timer. Its munchie-culture legacy is undeniable.

2. Cheesy Gordita Crunch

Putting a cheese-filled Gordita around a hard taco is like Mario finding a star. It makes it invincible.

Joel Flora/High Times

1. Crunchwrap Supreme

It’s perfect. Easy to eat on the go, crunchy, creamy, cheesy, spicy, and it looks like a UFO. That’s everything I want when I’m high.

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  1. That Crunchwrap supreme is the best. Order it with the apple empanada and it’s just amazing. I’d say order some cinnamon twists too but they’ll just forget to put them in the bag so no need in that. Ha

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