The Winner of the Big Lebongski Bowling Tournament Will Take Home This Amazing Trophy

The Big Lebongski trophy will go to a true high roller

Since High Times came out and “rolled a few” at the Los Angeles kick-off event for the Big Lebongski bowling tournament, Gary Lane, the founder of the annual competition, was gracious enough to let us photograph the incredible bowling pin glass bong trophy he commissioned especially for the occasion, which he will award to this year’s championship team.

A self-described “merchant of fun,” and a life-long cannabis activist, Gary Lane is also creator of TRAFFICKING, a Narcs vs. Dealers board game where the objective is to sell a kilo of marijuana without getting busted. The Big Lebongski trophy he’s holding was collaboratively crafted by master bongsmiths Jim Embrescia and Ernest Miranda.

The tour stops in all eight adult-use legal cannabis states—California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Massachusetts, Maine, Alaska and Nevada—plus two medically compliant ones, Michigan and Arizona.

So get your weed-loving, high-rolling good buddies together, and go for it. Because in a world like this, sometimes you’ve got to just say, “Fuck it dude, let’s go bowling.”

Big Lebongski impresario Gary Lane
Big Lebongski impresario Gary Lane
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