VaporTech Dabster™

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VaporTech Dabster™ and its corresponding Dabster™ Coil Kits 
will give you the ultimate dabbing experience.

The sleek, sophisticated and completely affordable VaporTech Dabster™ pen was designed with the everyday consumer in mind. Whether you’re medicating, relaxing or simply having a dope time, Dabster™ will ensure a smooth ride straight into Dab City!  

Customizable by four different coil/chamber attachments anyone from a first-time vaper to the everyday dab guru will find this pen functional, straightforward and overall the top choice for dabbing on the go.

VaporTech Dabster™ Kit features both visual and discrete chambers in sleek and contemporary black or chrome colors. The chambers pack a slow-burning, single ceramic, titanium wrapped coil. The kit also includes a 650mah battery, a stainless steel dab tool, a USB charger and a silicone storage jar.

Everyone has a specific preference or need when looking for a dab pen. Dabster™ works perfectly with all concentrates— shatter, wax, crumble, honeycomb, SAP, etc. The alternate Dabster™ coils allow the pen to be diversified as needed in order to satisfy the user’s experience without having to break the bank, in addition, all of the the coil/chambers fit any 510 thread battery. With this pen, it’s guaranteed that everybody wins.

The Vaportech Dabster™ Chamber Kits come as four different coil replacement options —Disc, Quartz, Ceramic and Dual Ceramic. Whether you prefer long or short draws; the chambers will get the best use out of your concentrates by providing plenty of dabs, delivering fat clouds and an overall purer taste. These kits also include both discrete and visual heating chambers as well as a stainless steel dab tool.

Dabbers will have plenty of fun with VaporTech Dabster™. What’s great about the product is, it’s not just for skilled and master dabbers, but it’s also great for anyone who just started dabbing and wants to experience the use of different coils for different concentrates.

The pen is practical and simple to use. Its battery life will give you 200-300 draws per charge varying on amount and length of draws.

Now you can get a dab pen designed not only with top-notch materials and technology, but also at an incredible price of only $29.99 for the Dabster™ pen and $14.99 per coil kit.

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