Weed Games: Stoner Games You Can Enjoy With Your Crew

A few ways to stay entertained while blazed.
What Are The Best Weed Games?

Netflix and chilling will get old and boring over time. When you get high, weed games provide you with something to do other than dozing off or getting higher. Whether you’re looking for a game to play with friends while smoking or a video game to mellow out to alone after a heavy smoke session, we’ve got some suggestions.

Different Types Of Weed Games

There are weed games that directly involve weed and others that are just more enjoyable under the influence. Here are a few examples of the different types of weed games you can play.

Weed Games For Groups

What Are The Best Weed Games?
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Weed smoking games work similar to drinking games. The only difference is that there are fewer decisions to regret and less vomit to mop up.

A common drinking game is to drink every time a character on TV or film says or does something specific. There are a few ways to turn that into a weed game.

One way to stir friendly competition is to have everyone pick a different thing they think one of the characters will say or do. Anytime your character does what you predicted, reward yourself with a hit. The one with the reddest eyes at the end wins.

Another classic drinking game that can be easily turned into a weed smoking game is “never have I ever.” Have a bowl packed or something rolled before gathering in a circle. Go around in one direction making statements that start with “never have I ever.”

If you’ve got plenty of weed to go around, have everyone that has ever taken the action stated smoke. A good way to make the weed and game last longer is to have everyone that experienced the stated action lift a finger up and let the next person in the circle make a “never have I ever” statement until someone has three fingers up. Whoever has three fingers up first can take a bong rip or a hit of something else.

There are even gambling weed games. When everybody has their own weed, you can play any betting or card game. Just replace chips with various weed quantities and dankrupt your friends.

Farming Weed Games

What Are The Best Weed Games?
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If you’re interested in video games and the growing industry, there are several weed growing games to try. Weed Shop 2, is a weed growing and selling simulation available on the Steam platform. It allows you to get a feel for the various aspects of the industry. In fact, you can start a farm and get virtually high off your own supply.

There are plenty of other games dedicated to the craft of growing weed. In fact, there are apps that allow you to build a grow facility, breed new strains, harvest plants and more. You can start your virtual grow on the Hempire game available in the App Store or on Google Play.

Another weed farming game on the app store is the highly rated Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm. Take planting, growing and harvesting tips from the rap entrepreneur in his simulation game.

Pot Farm: Grass Roots is an application that allows you to start a real cannabis farm. You’ll have to hire employees and specialists. Your farm will face real threats like insects that can kill your entire crop. You can do more than just farm, you can bake dank weed edibles and work your way up from selling a gram of weed to entire crops.

Simulation Selling Weed Games

What Are The Best Weed Games?

Thinking about opening a dispensary someday? Learn more about the dispensary lifestyle with one of the many weed selling simulations on the market.

Weed Shop 2 on PC lets players sell the weed they farmed. If you’re looking for something to play on your phone or tablet, Weed Firm 2 is one of your best bets. You can cultivate and sell your weed to all types of interesting characters. Diversify your inventory with pre-rolled blunts, rosin, dabs, edibles and more. You’ll have to protect your stash from local gangbangers. Corrupt cops and the feds will also be out to get you.

First Person Shooter Games

What Are The Best Weed Games?
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There are several weed video games currently on the market. You can operate a virtual dispensary, start a virtual grow or play something clearly designed for people under the influence of cannabis.

GAME OF THE YEAR: 420BLAZEIT vs xxXilluminatiXxx is an Indie shooter created in 7 days during the 7DFPS competition. If you’re a fan of first-person shooters and memes, you’ll love 420BLAZEIT. The title comes from a popular internet saying used to parody a large number of gamers that take pride in smoking weed.

If you’re in the mood to play a simple first-person shooter (FPS) without the typical competitive atmosphere, smoke a sativa and download 420BLAZEIT. When you finish smoking, embark on a journey to take down the Illuminati while being distracted by memes and flashy, silly graphics.

Prefer grander video games with a storyline and characters that smoke weed? Well, Grand Theft Auto V has a huge map that allows you to steal cars, fire all kinds of weapons and even hit a virtual bong. While the game doesn’t have a huge weed theme it is definitely one of the best games to play while stoned.

Weed Smoking Games

What Are The Best Weed Games?
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Grand Theft Auto V isn’t the only game that will let you smoke weed in it. In fact, there are games designed solely for that. iSmoke: Weed HD allows you to legally grind your weed, roll it up and spark it. If you need a break from reality, step into this virtual world where you can smoke weed anywhere without having to worry about the law. There are no cops or landlords to disturb you. Just a relaxing soundtrack and detailed landscapes.

Much like the lighter application on phones, there are apps that allow you to spark a joint and use the microphone to take tokes out of it. Blow or inhale until the joint turns into a roach.

Now you have a few games to play while smoking with a group of friends. Weed video games can be an entertaining way to learn about aspects of the industry or relax. Most video games are enjoyable without being under the influence but adding weed is like the whipped cream on top. There are plenty of other weed games to enjoy while high. Check out our list of the 22 best video games to play while high.

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