The 12 Most Potent THC Concentrates

If you’re looking for the strongest THC concentrate, you’re in luck. You’re about to discover the most potent THC concentrate of all.
The 12 Most Potent THC Concentrates

The world of cannabis concentrates is blowing up. For many people, dabbing is the future of weed, and concentrates are where it’s at. Concentrates are known for their purity. They’re known for having terpy flavor profiles and for having some of the strongest concentrate THC levels. While any experienced dabhead will tell you that a good dab isn’t exclusively about finding the strongest THC concentrate, potency is still a big piece of the equation. Here are 12 of the most potent concentrates currently on the market. If you’re looking for the most potent THC concentrate, you’re in the right place.

Courtesy of Concentrate Remedies

Concentrate Remedies’ Bubba’s Deadhead Girl

With some of the strongest concentrate THC levels on the market, this dab is made from a combo of Bubba Kush, Deadhead OG, and Cookies. The final result is a hard-hitting concentrate with just under 80 percent THC. To be more precise, most samples of this concentrate come in right around 79.8 percent.

Dandy’s True OG

The True OG strain is an indica that generally produces heavy sedating and relaxing sensations. Those bodily experiences are on full display with Dandy’s concentrate version of the strain. Don’t expect to be doing much of anything after dabbing this concentrate. At 82 percent THC, this is a strong contender for the title of most potent THC concentrate.

Courtesy of Alpine Alternative

Alpine Alternative’s Legend OG

The Sacramento-based company Alpine Alternative has created a go-to favorite with its Legend OG concentrate. In particular, they’ve created one of the strongest THC concentrate products you can find. The product consistently maintains THC levels around 82 percent. It generally gives users a powerful mix of cerebral highs mellowed out by a pronounced calming body effect.

Leef’s Cheese Quake CO2 Oil

With roughly 88 percent THC and a genetic profile that leans toward indica, you can rely on Leef’s Cheese Quake CO2 oil to give you a clean, smooth, tasty experience. If you’re looking for the most potent THC concentrate, this one will put you on the right track. While its effects will center in your body, a lot of consumers report feeling a surprisingly strong head high after dabbing this one.

Dabbenport Extracts’ Live Action

Live action dabs are making a big splash at Cannabis Cups recently. In particular, Dabbenport Extracts is turning out some super potent, incredibly pure product.

The “dewaxing” process, in which all crude oils are removed through multiple low-temp filterings, is what makes these concentrates unique. Dabbenport’s live action concentrates are usually in the high-80s when it comes to THC content. That makes this one a solid choice when it comes to getting the strongest THC concentrate.

Courtesy of The Clear

Clear Concentrates’ The Clear

Over the last couple of years, Clear Concentrates’ signature dab, The Clear, has established itself as a perennial powerhouse. With some of the strongest concentrate THC levels, it’s quickly becoming a fan favorite. Most products are in the high 80s in terms of THC content. But some samples have reportedly tested as high as 96 percent. At that point, you’re getting into some next-level purity.

SpOILed Patients Collective’s SugErrl

Another example of live action concentrates, SpOILed Patients Collective’s SugErrl is rapidly becoming one of the company’s flagship products. In particular, it’s building a reputation among dabbers looking for the strongest THC concentrate.

Like Dabbenport’s live-action dabs, SugErrl is incredibly pure. Its texture is interesting, often a mix of crystals and oil that usually ends up going one way or the other. Regardless if you’ve got a crystalline product or an oily one, it’s going to be super tasty and super powerful. Definitely ranking high on any list of the most potent THC concentrate.

T-Rex Concentrates’ Predator Pink BHO

This BHO dab reportedly tests at the 92 percent mark. While it might not be quite as tasty as other concentrates on this list, if you’re in it for the strongest concentrate THC levels, it’s hard to do much better than this one.

Courtesy of Dream City

Dream City’s Concentrates

Dream City should make any Western Washington dabhead proud. Their concentrates are always some of the most potent around. In particular, a lot of their products are known for hitting the 93 percent mark, if not slightly higher.

The only potential drawback for terpene purists is that some of their concentrates reportedly add terps back in after the extraction process. But if you don’t care about those nitty gritty details, you’ll love the strong flavor profiles and high THC levels in these dabs. And, of course, if you’re looking for the most potent THC concentrate, you’ll love the power of these dabs.

CrX Concentrates’ Live Resin

CrX Concentrates produces a line of live resin that is known for delivering a power-packed punch of THC. These dabs are recording some of the strongest concentrate THC levels anywhere. And since it’s live resin, these concentrates were originally extracted from fresh flower, rather than dried bud.

For many consumers, live resin preserves both terpenes and THC at incredibly high quality. If you live in an area where you can buy CrX live resin, check with your budtenders for specific stats about THC content, as it varies run-by-run.

Purity Extracts’ Gorilla Glue

Purity Extracts has hit a home run with its GG4 extract (formerly known as Gorilla Glue). If you’re trying to find the strongest THC concentrate, this one’s a home run. Most reports indicate that this concentrate regularly reaches 96 percent THC.

This is probably a bit heavy-handed for most weed smokers, but hey, this list is all about the most potent concentrates and this one is tough to beat in that category.

Courtesy of Guild Extracts

Guild Extracts’ THCA

A lot has been said about THCA crystals in recent months. And for good reason. This is an interesting type of concentrate. Technically, it doesn’t have any THC when it’s raw and on its own.

Instead, it’s pure THCA, the non-psychoactive cannabinoid that eventually converts into active THC when cannabis is decarboxylated. As soon as you get a THCA crystal hot enough, it instantly turns into pure THC. And that means that you’ll be getting pretty much pure THC—making THCA crystals the most potent THC concentrate you can find.

The Most Potent THC Concentrates

In many ways, concentrates show just how far the world of weed has come. Of course, devoted weed smokers have always been using some form of concentrate.

Traditionally, concentrates were more along the lines of low-tech hash and other similar forms of cannabis. And while today’s cannabis scene is definitely more high-tech and precise, the same energy continues to motivate the quest for purer, more potent forms of cannabis.

  1. I’m kinda new to dabbing and I honestly love it. I used to smoke flower, but if I did too much I’d get very anxious, especially around people. If I smoke flower, I’m doing it alone and before bed. But anyway, I’m not sure what type of crumble I have but I personally think it’s an indica by the way it knocks me out 20min after taking a tiny dab. I wonder why I don’t get all weird with concentrates and carts, but if I smoke a few hits of a flower, I get weird and don’t wanna be near anyone. The high I get from the current crumble I have is a body high without that stoned confused feeling bud would give me. I’m happy my friend introduced me to dabs… I haven’t smoked flower in weeks and I don’t think I’ll ever go back to flower… if you’re gonna dab for your first time, make sure it’s like a super super tiny amount to see how much you can handle. I have a tolerance to crumble/wax/oil/shatter etc. but the high is intense in a good way. I’ve seen people bug out but that’s because they take a huge glob and repeat lol he was super paranoid

  2. THCA DIAMONDS are so strong 97% thc usually coming in different strains although as an isolate this shouldnt really matter. It’s a challenge to get high thc extracts with such a nice clear flavor profile.

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