What Are Live Action Dabs?

Live Action dabs are a force to be reckoned with.
What Are Live Action Dabs?

If you’ve never heard the term, you’re probably wondering what live action dabs are. They’re a form of cannabis concentrate that can change consistency at any point. Live action can look like a runny clear oil, with tons of crystals or some crystals swimming in oil. Here’s everything you need to know about live action dabs.

Sauce Vs. Live Action Dabs

What Are Live Action Dabs?

Live Action is what Dabbenport Extracts call their signature concentrate. Their live action extract can take on a few forms, but wax is never one of them. It’s usually a transparent oil, crystals or a mixture of the two like “live resin sauce” but with some huge differences.

Sauce” was definitely the star of the show when it came to cannabis concentrates at the 2017 SoCal Harvest Cup. Most companies were showcasing their version of “sauce.”

After a day full of live resin sauce dabs, there were some noticeable differences when we tried the live action. So, we asked Chris, the conductor at Dabbenport Extracts, what the difference between live action and live resin sauce was.

He started by saying that live resin sauce typically goes through a “lipid reduction,” while live action is an absolute dewax. Their dewaxing process removes all crude oils (fats, lipids and waxes) through multiple low-temperature filterings, which can take around 72 hours. A dab of their completely dewaxed concentrate was full of natural tasting terpenes.

The defining characteristic of live resin is the use of freshly frozen plant material. The plant needs to cure for it to have as much of a wide array of cannabinoids and terpenes available. Live action and similar concentrates are never made with frozen material. Chris claims that fresh frozen extracts contain the terpene called “phytol.”

According to a report by Cayman Chemical, phytol “may be irritating to the mucous membranes and upper respiratory tract.”

On top of that, it can cause skin, eye and respiratory system irritation. We’d say its probably not something you want to inhale on the regular.

Feel The Difference

If you scoop from just the liquid portion of live resin sauce and do a dab, your sinuses will likely be overwhelmed by the taste of a “monoterpene” and you won’t get anywhere near as high as you would if you dabbed the crystals. Worst of all, those liquid terpenes factor into the weight of whatever you’re buying.

This isn’t the case with a live action dab. Instead, a dab of the oily half of their live action hits like a freight train, with a comfortable and full terpene profile that will clear rather than clog your sinuses.

Changing Consistency


SpOILed Patients Collective calls their similarly dewaxed dynamic extracts, “SugErrl” or “Terp Sap” depending on the consistency. Once the extraction is completed, it can change forms. According to Rob from the SpOILed Patients Collective, the crystals go to battle with the oil for dominance.

After things settle what you’re left with should determine the winner. If the oils conquered, they name it “Terp Sap.” With that consistency, you’ll be able to tilt a jar of your material and watch it move at room temperature.

If the crystals win, you’ll be left with what the collective calls SugErrl. Even after they’re labeled in jars, the consistency can still change. We got three jars all labeled ‘SugErrl.” One looks like “apple sauce crystals,” as Rob calls them. Another looks completely liquid and the last one is in between those two.

What Are Live Action Dabs?

Is There Any Separation Or Reintroduction Involved?

We asked both SpOILed and Dabbenport if there was any separation or reintroduction before getting to their final product. The answer from both was no.

Chris from Dabbenport tells us that extra pouring introduces more air into your extract which can oxidize and boil off terpenes.

He added that natural separation may occur between the crystals and oil, but they mix them back up to make live action. “Terps” or oils are never put in a separate jar a poured onto crystals. All the terpenes you taste in their products are pure.

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