Baked Science: Unforgettable Peppermint Patties

Welcome to Baked Science, a new series of cannabis-infused edible reviews featuring test results from SC Labs.

While perusing the shelves at Sonoma Patient’s Group in beautiful Santa Rosa, these chocolate-covered peppermint patties from Unforgettable Edibles caught my eye. Each $9 package contains two small patties wrapped in green foil, with a small label promising “approx. 30 mg THC per piece” for 60 milligrams of THC total. Thirty milligrams is usually a pleasant dose for me, and I wasn’t disappointed.

Fresh, brisk and minty, these peppermint patties barely taste of cannabis at all. The only thing differentiating these medicated versions from the mainstream sweet is the slightly green tinge of the filling. Impressively delicious, they melt away in your mouth, with a creamy interior texture that’s not too grainy or buttery. After consuming one patty on two separate occasions, the high began to hit about one hour into the experience and was sufficiently relaxing enough to make me feel as if the correct dose had been delivered.

Lab testing performed at SC Labs revealed a total weight of 33.1745 grams for the total package and 1.52 milligrams of THC per gram, for a total of 50.425 mg—so about 25 milligrams per patty. While not exactly what was advertised, it comes very close. The lab reported 2.51 mg of CBN, which helps deliver soothing sleep.

At the retail price of $9, you’re paying about 18 cents per milligram of THC.

Overall, I thought this product tasted terrific, and it represents a wonderful effort from an edibles maker who appears to be new to the scene. With some more research and development, that lab test result can be perfected for a predictable experience every time.

High Times is proud to work with SC Labs to create a new series of cannabis concentrate and edibles reviews written by Elise McDonough, author of The Official High Times Cannabis Cookbook and Marijuana for Everybody! Featuring lab-tested results will allow us to inform and educate consumers of cannabis-infused products as to their potency, efficacy, safety and value. We look forward to providing this valuable service together for the millions of readers of You can follow SC Labs on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and look for #BakedScience posts!

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