Ganja Gourmet: Spiced Canna-Cider

Our THC-infused twist on a true fall classic.
Ganja Gourmet: Spiced Canna-Cider
Joanna O’Boyle

As the air turns crisp, the days get shorter and sweater season is upon us, a warm, comforting drink is a necessity! Spiced cider is the perfect fall option—forever a classic, arriving on coffee-shop menus annually as the undeniable, official herald of autumn. Making your own cannabis-infused version of the seasonal favorite with a local cider might just be the best of all possible fall combos, and the aromatherapy of the cider infused with spices is well worth the effort alone. Spicy, aromatic and best served warm, this inviting cannabis-infused libation is super-simple to make and definitely meant to be shared.


  • 1 gallon apple cider
  • 1 medium orange
  • 1 (1½-inch) section of fresh ginger
  • 1 tsp. allspice
  • 1 tbsp. whole cloves
  • 4 star-anise pods, whole
  • 5 (3-inch) cinnamon sticks
  • Half a gram activated THC distillate
  • Half a gram liquid sunflower lecithin
  • Orange or lemon slices and fresh cannabis leaves, for serving (optional)


Cut the ginger and orange into slices. Combine cider, ginger, orange, allspice, cloves, star-anise pods and cinnamon sticks in a large pot. Bring cider just to a simmer over medium heat, then reduce heat to medium-low and cook just below a simmer until flavors meld, about an hour. Strain the cider to separate the solids from the liquids, then discard the solids.

Carefully measure and reserve two cups of the spiced cider. Place distillate, liquid sunflower lecithin and the two cups of the reserved spiced cider into a high-speed blender (alternatively, you can use an immersion blender and add the distillate and liquid sunflower lecithin directly into the cider without the separation step). Blend until fully incorporated, about three minutes, or until all specks of oil have fully emulsified into the cider.

Whisk the infused cider into the rest of the spiced cider remaining in the pot. Serve warm with lemon and orange slices (optional).


I used half a gram of pure activated-THC distillate at 88 percent THC and 1.49 percent CBD, which came in a plastic syringe for easy measuring and handling. A half gram of the distillate provides around 440 milligrams THC in the starting material, so each one-cup serving size contains around 27.5 milligrams THC, as the recipe makes one gallon (about four liters) of cider. Please consume responsibly: Take it slow and don’t forget to hydrate with a non-cannabis-infused drink. Remember to label clearly and keep out of the reach of children.

Originally published in the November, 2018 issue of High Times magazine. Subscribe right here.

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