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Top 10 Comedians Who Smoke Weed

While there are dozens of comedians who smoke weed, we’ve compiled a list of our favorites.



Even the professionals know that there’s nothing funnier than getting high. From comedians who use Mary Jane as comedic inspiration to comics who look back, fondly, on high times. here are the top 10 comedians who smoke weed.

1. Seth Rogan

Top 10 Comedians Who Smoke Weed

Few names conjure up the image of a cloud of smoke than Seth Rogan. The star of blockbuster hit Knocked Up and writing force behind Pineapple Express, Superbad, and other comedic successes, Rogan is a big cannabis fan, and one of the top 10 comedians who smoke weed.

“I’m never really at zero,” Seth Rogan tells David Letterman.

Rogan’s weed is allegedly so strong that he has to warn people.

“They think it might never end … which I’m looking for,” Rogan explains of his preferred high.

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Burgess Powell is a writer for High Times based in New York. She writes about marijuana news, culture, and health.