Top 10 Comedians Who Smoke Weed

While there are dozens of comedians who smoke weed, we’ve compiled a list of our favorites.
Top 10 Comedians Who Smoke Weed

10. Margaret Cho

Top 10 Comedians Who Smoke Weed

Stand-up comedian, activist and author Margaret Cho doesn’t hesitate to discuss her fondness for marijuana.

Often for her popular stand-up, Cho is another comedian who joined Doug Benson to discuss where you can smoke freely.

Cho cites festivals like Bonaroo and Made in America where “50 thousand people were smoking pot.”

“So many things get passed to me … I should have mono by now,” Cho says about her rep as a marijuana enthusiast.

Maybe sharing weed can build up your immune system, they wonder on the show.

Final Hit: Top 10 Comedians Who Smoke Weed

From the stars of modern comedy to up-and-coming jokesters, it seems that everyone with a sense of humor has indulged in the world’s most popular herb.

To those not featured on the Top 10 Comedians Who Smoke Weed—and those hoping to be one day—we salute your dedication to weed-themed comedy and the 420 lifestyle.

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