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Seth Rogen Gets “A Little Bit High,” Discusses Pot With Howard Stern

Seth Rogen called into The Howard Stern Show on Monday morning to promote the new “Steve Jobs” movie—and the first thing he admitted to Stern was that he was “a little bit” high. Rogen, who plays Steve Wozniak in the film, was about to appear on Live with Kelly and Michael, when he phoned in slightly stoned from Michael Strahan’s dressing room.

“Just tell me something—and be honest because you always are: Are you high right now?” Stern asked Rogen.

“Yeah, a little bit,” Rogen laughed.

“I’m always so amazed because if I had to go out on Kelly and Michael—and yeah, OK, you can be cavalier about it, but you’re going out on live television,” Stern continued. “I’m always amazed by how you can do that. I really, truly am.”

“I know,” Rogen responded, “I can just do it. I don’t know if that’s considered a superpower or what.”

Stern then asked Rogen to clarify the phrase “a little bit high.”

“Does that mean like you smoked half a joint?” he asked.

“Uh no,” Rogen replied. “I have this little one-hitter contraption, so I used that.”

Although Rogen has no problem being high on live TV or the radio, he confessed that there was one big reason why he did not get high while playing Wozniak.

Listen to the rest of the interview below to find out why.

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