Waka Flocka Flame’s ‘I Can Roll’ Challenge

Waka Flocka Flame, in viral shenanigans, hired Seth Rogen to be his personal blunt roller for a $50,000 salary. Despite the hotly anticipated (and possibly hilarious) union, they have not actually met up yet to test out Seth’s duties, as Rogen has been filming The Interview, and Waka has had legal issues of his own.
If Rogen is a no-show, Waka will begin considering other options. In the meantime, Waka’s been busy with his own shit. He recently collaborated with Diplo for the first time on a track track simply named, “Techno.” He’s also signed a new artist, Chaz Gotti, to his own 36 Brickhouse management that he wants you to all know about. The dude was facing 120 years in prison, but beat the charges and is now working on his first mixtape with DJ Scream. Waka’s also recently dropped a verse on a new track by another of his signee’s, Rayven Justice. It’s smooth, icy and strip-club ready.

Recently, I was able to catch up with Waka to talk about his new ALS Ice Bucket Challenge-inspired reefer rolling competition. (Note: When I had previously talked to Waka Flocka Flame, he noted that his stomach felt like shit from a possible food poisoning at Wendy’s.)

How’s your stomach feel, Waka?

I feel good now, your boy is back to normal. That was fucked up… that shit was…I don’t even have a word for that.

So can you explain the #ICanRoll challenge?

It’s basically like the Ice Bucket Challenge. Basically, I just wanted to make something that makes people happy without them arguing with each other, know what I’m saying? Just put something more positive in the air.

Waka says that the idea behind the #ICanRoll challenge to take an anti-bullying stance. “Instead of channeling your anger, roll it up!” It will be announced via his Facebook page as well as other social media venues. The idea is that people post videos of themselves with a blunt or a joint and use the hashtag. This will ideally raise bullying awareness. Waka feels that bullying is a significant issue, and would like to encourage people to speak out against it.

Waka was inspired to begin the venture after the rabid response to him hiring Rogen as his blunt roller. Waka is looking for both the best blunts, as well as the quickest rolled. The bar will be set for a minute or under. DJ Whoo Kid, who hosts a radio show, will be participating and asking his guests to take part in the challenge.

Since we last spoke, have you been able to meet up with Seth Rogen?

I was supposed to meet up with him in Vancouver, but then I lost my passport. So I couldn’t go out there. Then two days later, I got a call that told me they found my passport in a rental car.

Is he still down for the intense responsibilities of the job?

He’s super down, but he’s been so busy. but I can’t keep holding on.

If he doesn’t report soon, what are you going to do? Hire someone else?

I’ve got to go through about 20,000 applications. Probably more than that.

Is there a clear no. 2 option?

I ain’t gonna lie. I know someone right now that rolls perfect cones. Takes the paper right out the box. And it’s perfect.

Is it a famous person? Or like a random person?

Everybody’s famous to me. You just don’t know about him yet. I would never tell you who it is!

Can you remember the first time you smoked up?

Honestly, I was 11 years old. It was a Backwood.

How’d you like your first time?

I was high as shit. My eyes were red as fuck.

Does smoking help you out creatively?

Nothing enhances my creativity. That’s all on me.

Do you think pot should be legalized?

Why not? It’s the best shit going. It’s like meditating.

Is there anything else you would like to talk about?

Yeah, can you roll?

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