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6 Sickest Space Bucket Designs

Hide your grow in plain sight without having to buy an expensive tent or box.

6 Sickest Space Bucket Designs
Photo by /u/SugarBallz

If you don’t feel like spending your money on a grow tent or grow box, you can build your own space bucket at home. In fact, space buckets are ideal for small-scale home growers. They’re typically made with a bucket, some tape, fans, lights and wiring. However, there are several different ways to go about it. While there are guides on how to make them on the web, the accompanying photos tend to be lackluster. We’ve found that the best place to go for space bucket inspiration is on Reddit, in the SpaceBuckets subreddit. After spending time in that corner of the Internet, we came across some of the sickest space bucket designs we’ve ever seen.

Morrigan’s Build

6 Sickest Space Bucket Designs

One of the most high-tech space bucket designs we could find was made by Reddit user /u/Morrigan_Disapproves. The bucket is made of two Ropak brand 5-gallon buckets for their thickness. The lights are three 100w warm white LEDs running at 30W each. There are thermal switches and heat sinks on the back.

The Morrigan’s build is one of the only space buckets we’ve seen with a junction box designed to hide the electronic components. There aren’t wires all around the bucket. The Morrigan’s Build is one of the most organized space bucket designs out there.

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