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6 Sickest Space Bucket Designs

Hide your grow in plain sight without having to buy an expensive tent or box.

Ab Hanna



Mearbert’s Brute

6 Sickest Space Bucket Designs

The Mearbert Brute is one of the most innovative space bucket designs created by /u/Meartbert. Furthermore, you can make one with household items. In fact, you can find most of the materials at a Walmart. The growing chamber is a round plastic Brute trash can.

From the top down there is an exhaust bucket with a fan and activated carbon between carbon filters. In the bucket, there is a 300w UFO and 20 meters worth of 5630SMD LEDs.

Mearbert uses a smart pot and a drain pan to support healthy root growth. He built-in a drip system with aquarium tubing purchased at Walmart.

Final Hit: Space Bucket Designs

You can learn how to make your own space bucket or you can try and copy one of the space bucket designs we listed. The best space bucket for you depends on the materials you have lying around at home and the amount of space you have.

You can purchase most of the materials to make one of the space buckets on our list without breaking the bank. Grow tents and boxes are for those that aren’t willing to build their set up themselves.

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