Guide To Guerrilla Outdoor Weed Growing

Curious about outdoor weed growing? Here’s everything you need to know, season by season.
Outdoor Marijuana Growing For Beginners

Fall: The Road to Harvest

Guide To Guerrilla Outdoor Weed Growing

As fall approaches, you’ll need to add some flowering nutrients and supplements in order to optimize your yield. This is a perfect time to sprinkle some bloom-boosting bat guano around the root zone and water it in. Flowering plants require flowering nutrients so remember to go easy on the nitrogen and look for products with added phosphorous and some potassium.

Autumn is also the time that humidity will cause bud rot to invade your colas, turning perfect buds into a mushy mess. If you can, shake accumulated rain and moisture off of branches whenever possible. As a last resort, some outdoor weed growing enthusiasts harvest early once they’ve witnessed a mold attack that they can’t fight.

As fall colors begin to turn and frost approaches, it’s time to plan the actual harvest. Pick an overcast morning or evening to avoid running into anyone and prepare your mission carefully. 5-gallon buckets make great containers for trimmed branches. They seal up some, if not all, of the strong odors of fresh-cut pot plants and conceal them from prying eyes as well. Be sure to but branches in with the cut end down to avoid crushing your cannabis cargo. Cut your plants down to branches that fit into the buckets and work quickly to take them down and get out. Get your harvest to a safe location and start the trimming and drying process there.

After harvesting, some organic growers like to bury a dead fish or two in the bottom of their hole. This organic material will decay and produce available nitrogen when you start back up in the spring. For now, relax, enjoy the fruits of your labors and start thinking about some new spots for next year.

Final Hit: The Beginner’s Guide to Guerrilla Outdoor Weed Growing

Now you know, season by season, the steps you need to take to get started and harvest successfully while growing outdoors. Get out there and find yourself a perfect private plot to plant your pot…

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