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Should I Keep My Weed In the Freezer?



Dear Dan,
What effect does placing marijuana in a freezer have on it? Does it keep it fresh? — Genie

Dear Genie,

I don’t ever recommend placing marijuana in a freezer or refrigerator. Freezing temperatures degrade THC and other cannabiniods.

The best place for storing pot is in a cool, dark place in a dark colored sealed glass jar. Also, marijuana should really be consumed within a year or so of when it’s grown. Some connoisseurs have longer cured stuff that’s several years old, and it does take on interesting qualities as it ages, but ultimately, it eventually degrades. For every expertly long-cured, three-year-old bud I’ve smoked that burned perfectly and preserved the terpene profile, I’ve smoked far more old pot that’s simply past it’s prime. Besides, you can always grow more!