Should I Keep Weed In My Freezer?

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Dear Dan,
What effect does placing marijuana in a freezer have on it? Does it keep it fresh? Will it turn purple? — Genie

Dear Genie,

Some people will tell you to freeze your cannabis or to store it in the fridge to “keep it fresh”. Of course, marijuana can be frozen but should it? The long and short answer is no.

Freezing your buds will not turn them purple or keep them fresh. They can turn purple from either their genetics or cold temperatures as they approach harvest but they won’t change color drastically after harvest. Green buds will typically get a little less bright green as they cure but none will turn purple after they’re chopped down.

I don’t ever recommend placing marijuana in a freezer or refrigerator. Freezing temperatures, fluctuating humidity and bright light all degrade THC and other cannabiniods. This will ultimately result in less flavor and potency.

The best place for storing pot is in a cool, dark place in a dark-colored or opaque sealed glass jar. Also, marijuana should really be consumed within a year or so of when it’s grown. Some connoisseurs have longer cured stuff that’s several years old, and it does take on interesting qualities as it ages, but ultimately, it eventually degrades. For every expertly long-cured, three-year-old bud I’ve smoked that burned perfectly and preserved the terpene profile, I’ve smoked far more old pot that’s simply past it’s prime. Besides, you can always grow more!

  1. I froze 2 plants last year. I was told to do it cause of a new way to make oil. But of course that didn’t happen. And now I’ve got over 2 lbs in my freezer. I don’t smoke it I make eatables. So I used a few ozs and the cookies and gummy’s turned out fantastic. And the weed was all most completely dry. And it was live when I put it in the freezer 4 months ago. So I disagree with you 🤠

  2. I’ll freeze it for 1-1/2 years max and it always was great. Zippoc bag(s) put into airtight container(s). Kept in the BOTTOM of the freezer. Will take it right away and try the correct way. THANKS

  3. A new scientific study (2022) found that freezing cannabis is the best way to store it. The study found that storing it at room temperature caused a significant loss of THC over only 3 months. Cannabis stored in a freezer at around 5 degrees showed no loss of THC over four years in the freezer.

  4. I have for the last 10 years put my weed in the freezer, 6 months even a year later, I can take it out, and let it thaw and it’s just as good and as fresh as the day I put it in. I have tried putting it in the closet, Anna cool or cold room in the dark in jars, and if it didn’t turn brown and stinky and so less desirable to smoke I would have kept it and smoked it. Also I have had many people tell me to keep it in the freezer and they also swear that it’s the best thing to do for a long-term keeping. I think this time you shot the ball off the table and was wrong by a long shot.

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