The High Times Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Lit Lovers

For a luxurious, but also low-key, Valentine’s Day.
People Are Celebrating Valentine's Day With Weed-Infused Chocolate

Valentine’s Day is almost here and it’s not too late to spoil your cutie (or cuties) with some soothing cannabis trinkets and treats. Whether you live in a state with recreational weed, or in a region where hemp products are still hush-hush, there is something for everyone to enjoy this February.
High Times curated a rounded guide of THC and CBD products alike to help to bring you closer to your crush(es)—or treat yourself to come well-deserved self-love this V-Day.

The High Times Valentine's Day Gift Guide For Lit Lovers
My Bud Vase via Instagram

Artisan Bong by My Bud Vase

How many of us have been smoking weeks-old (let’s be honest, months-old) water in a bong that hasn’t been cleaned since it was first put on the store shelf? I know I’m guilty. My Bud Vase not only takes pride in a gorgeous, customized device with detailed touches, but also encourages us all to get our act together. Cannabis can help us become our best, highest selves—so why are we hitting an ugly, dirty bong day after day?

While this could be the ideal gift for your Valentine to-be, it can also of course be used together on your special day. My favorite picks include the Aurora (a finalist in the Canadian Cannabis Awards), Monica, and Countess of the Castle.

Price: Starts at $50.00

The High Times Valentine's Day Gift Guide For Lit Lovers
Image via Amazon

Finding Your Higher Self: Your Guide to Cannabis for Self-Care book by Sophie Saint Thomas

Journalist and author Sophie Saint Thomas has written about both sex and cannabis for years for a number of outlets, including MERRY Jane, Leafly, Cosmopolitan, Allure, and even our very own High Times. Needless to say, she’s not only an expert on sex and weed independently, but also how the two can work together for maximum pleasure.

The hardcover book includes step-by-step how-tos on the best cannabis activities for couples from giving cannabis kisses to cuddling with someone you love to hanging out naked. While it could be a gift, it can also be a guide for your V-Day weekend this season.

Price: $15.99

The High Times Valentine's Day Gift Guide For Lit Lovers
Courtesy of Sunday Scaries

Vegan Gummies by Sunday Scaries

Valentine’s Day is the second-best holiday (behind Halloween, of course) for a sweet tooth, making CBD gummies a tasty gift. Sunday Scaries offers a subscription service, too, if you’re looking to incorporate their products into your regular wellness routine. Plus, they have a special vegan blend, too!

Price: $35.00

The High Times Valentine's Day Gift Guide For Lit Lovers
Courtesy of Ocean Cannabis Co.

Live Resin Diamonds by Ocean Cannabis Company

Available in California only, Ocean Cannabis Company sells live resin in  three strains: Double OG, Birthday Cake, and Durban Cleaner. For a Valentine’s date night in, I’d recommend Birthday Cake, an indica with a strong savory flavor, or Chem OG, a cross between Chemdawg and OG Kush. Both strains induce relaxation, helping you and your cutie(s) to unwind on a Friday night. (Plus, this company uses sustainable packaging!) 

Price: $35.00 to $45.00

The High Times Valentine's Day Gift Guide For Lit Lovers
Courtesy of Lowell Farms

Heart Shaped Box by Lowell Farms

If you want to add a stoner twist to a Valentine’s Day classic, check out Lowell Farms’s Heart Shaped Box complete with three pre-roll inserts of the brand’s signature strains, each a gram each. Not only will your cutie(s) be satisfied, but they’ll probably be willing to share their treat with you and #LetSparksFly on a special day—so you both win. This is the third year they’re offering such a deal for the once-a-year occasion and it won’t disappoint.

Price: $40

The High Times Valentine's Day Gift Guide For Lit Lovers
Courtesy of The Flower Company

Bouquet Kit by Flower Company

Flower bouquets might be corny and overly traditional, but the Flower Company offers a 420-friendly spin on another holiday favorite. The product comes with six joint holders; with the kit, the brand suggests asking a local florist to build a bouquet and/or add joints to a pre-made arrangement. And if you’re lucky, the recipient will share the flora and fauna with you, too.

Price: $32 for non-members, $20 for members

The High Times Valentine's Day Gift Guide For Lit Lovers
Courtesy of TRIBEauty

CBD Superfood Mask by TRIBEauty

Every Sunday is self-care Sunday in my planner, and every Sunday night, I apply a nourishing face mask to end the weekend right with. This mask settles in your skin in just ten minutes, making it a great, quick addition to your bedtime routine or way to unwind before a hot, steamy shower.

Applying a face mask could make a silly bonding beauty activity with your Valentine, especially if you’re applying the product on each others’ faces.

Price: $60.00

The High Times Valentine's Day Gift Guide For Lit Lovers
Source Cannabis via Instagram

Flower by Source Cannabis

What’s a holiday without straight bud? You’ll need something to fill your joints and bong with, so pick Source Cannabis as a reliable, quality flower retailer. Our favorite picks for a sensual day include vanilla-flavored Ice Cream Cake, citrus-tasting Sherbert, and minty Animal Face—all of which produce a euphoric, carefree, body-oriented buzz.

Price: Varies

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