The High Times Gift Guide For Growers

Here’s what to get your favorite grower for the holidays.
The High Times Gift Guide For Growers
Spectrum King

With everything from grow lights, plant food, and eco-friendly planters to runoff systems, insecticide, grow tents, and trimmers, our curated selection of grow-themed gifts should provide a few good ideas of what to give your favorite cultivator this holiday season.

Spectrum King SK602GH LED Grow Light

Made in the USA and nationwide compliant, the 610 Watt Full Spectrum LED Grow Light replaces 1000-watt double-ended bulbs, and is specially-designed to be used in greenhouses as well as grow rooms. When used as supplemental greenhouse lighting, the SK602 LED Grow Light coverage area in flower is eight by eight feet and ten by ten feet in veg. When used as standard indoor lighting, the SK602 LED Grow Light coverage area in flower is five by five feet and eight by eight feet in veg. Safety certified and IP65 rated, the light comes with a specially-designed rugged waterproof housing. The SK602 LED Grow Light is fit for use in wet and humid conditions, producing less heat than most competitors, with the same light intensity as a 1000-watt double-ended HPS bulb. Spectrum King SK602 LED Grow Light is guaranteed to maintain 90 percent or better light output for three years with regular use and also features a five-year mechanical warranty on all parts and labor. More info at

Price: $1249

The High Times Gift Guide For Growers
Courtesy General Minerals

General Minerals

Licensed cannabis producers must lower costs and improve flower quality in order to compete with each other as well as the Big Ag companies that are entering the cultivation business. The mineral salts from General Minerals have been tested and refined in order to provide optimal absorption of nutrients with the least amount of clogging for an ultra-soluble and customizable solution to expensive hydroponic plant foods. Visit for more info.

Price: Varies

The High Times Gift Guide For Growers
Courtesy Leafymade


Some of the coolest eco-friendly and sustainable products we’ve seen lately are the grow pots from Leafymade. This innovative company from Sweden has created a chemical-free plant container made from coconut fiber. They’re perfect for starting seeds and they exemplify Leafymade’s commitment to “replace plastic and paper disposable products with natural biodegradable materials.” Visit for more information.

Price: Varies

The High Times Gift Guide For Growers
Courtesy Iluminar

Iluminar Aurus iL8

Light-emitting diode (LED) technology is changing the indoor grow world with lower electrical costs and less heat production. The new Iluminar Aurus iL8 LED system provides a dimmable full-spectrum array that works perfectly during the vegetative and flowering stages of growth. Because LED lighting emits less heat, you can place this system closer to your canopy for deeper light penetration and higher production rates. Go to for more information.

Price: $1,350

The High Times Gift Guide For Growers
Courtesy BloomBoss

Clean Roots

Plants in pots with roots that sit in stagnant, salty water quickly begin to deteriorate. The platforms from Clean Roots elevate pots two inches over runoff trays and greatly improve aeration to your plants’ root zones—a vital factor in plant health. They’re innovative and affordable, and they’re made in America. Beware of cheap knockoffs if you want truly clean roots. Visit to learn more.

Price: $8.99, 15-inch / $5.99, 8-inch

The High Times Gift Guide For Growers
Courtesy Miticide Green

Miticide Green

Mites are a plague in the garden, and whether you’ve found broad mites, russet mites or spider mites, you need to take action to kill them and their babies as soon as possible. The new concentrated Miticide Green is a nontoxic and odor-free way to eliminate mites, aphids and thrips without leaving behind any detectable residues. It’s also safe for plants, people and animals. Go to for more info.

Price: $39.95 and up

The High Times Gift Guide For Growers
Courtesy BC Blondes

BC Blondes Game Changer LED

Many growers are replacing their HID (high-intensity discharge) lighting with LED (light-emitting diode) technology to save on electrical costs and to reduce heat. The new Game Changer LED light system from BC Blondes, available in 680-watt or 340-watt versions, is affordable and dimmable, and it produces approximately 40 percent less heat than HID lights. The Game Changer’s modular racking system makes it easy to expand, and a three-year warranty guarantees results. Visit to learn more.

Price: Approx. $525, 340 watts / approx. $990, 680 watts

The High Times Gift Guide For Growers
Courtesy Hydrobuilder/ Facebook

Hydrobuilder’s LED Grow Tent Kit Creator

Hydrobuilder creates convenient grow kits that are ideal for professionals and hobby growers alike. The company’s recently-launched Grow Tent Creator guides you though each step of the process of setting up a grow, making it much easier to get the exact product that you need. Choose the size of your grow tent, select the light you want, add ventilation and odor control, then choose what kind of soil you want, or if you want to grow hydroponically. Add accessories and upgrades, along with harvest supplies for trimming and drying, and you’re good to go. Visit for more info.

Price: $518.70 and up

The High Times Gift Guide For Growers
Courtesy UltraTrimmer


The biggest knock on industrial trimmers has always been that they destroy the gland heads containing the essential oils we’re after. The units from UltraTrimmer simulate scissors and avoid manhandling precious flowers while preserving the trichomes. The company’s even been giving live demonstrations with microscopes at our Cannabis Cups for over five years to show how gently the machines work. It’s no secret why UltraTrimmers are the first products to be federally patented specifically for trimming cannabis. UltraTrimmer won Best Trimming Machine in the Official High Times Magazine STASH Awards of 2018. Visit for more information.

Price: $4250, collective / $8000, industrial

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