6 Ways To Get Better Bong Rips

Here are a few ways to get better bong rips for bigger and smoother hits than you’re used to.
6 Ways To Get Better Bong Rips

Before there were dabs, bong rips were the way to feel the effects of your cannabis hard and fast. While many cannabis consumers enjoy using bongs, others are intimidated by them because hits can be harsh.

The water bubbling allows large amounts of smoke to fill the chamber of the bong until you pull the bowl and clear it.

Some people feel like they need to cough a lung out after a bong hit. Fortunately, there are several ways to get better bong rips that you can exhale with ease.

1. Percolators

6 Ways To Get Better Bong Rips

One of the ways to get better bong rips is built into most contemporary bongs. It’s called a percolator and it is designed to filter and cool smoke for a less harsh hit. A percolator can have several holes. Each one serves as a point of diffusion.

The more holes, the more diffusion but it also adds to the drag of each hit. In other words, it’ll take more of a lung capacity to clear the bong if there are tons of holes in the percolator.

Not to mention, percolators with tons of tiny holes can end up getting clogged up and interfering with the airflow.

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