What Is A Nick, A Dime, A Dub And A Key?

Know the differences to understand what you’re getting.
What Is A Nick, A Dime, A Dub And A Key?

In states with legalized marijuana, most weed is measured in grams or ounces. There are eighths, quarters, halves and full ounces. Before weed was legal, code terms were assigned to different quantities of cannabis to keep things discreet. The terminology still lives on to this day as a part of the culture. Dealers in states without legal marijuana still use terms like nick, dime, dub and key with their clientele. Each term represents the price or quantity of weed. We’ll go over the differences so you can be sure that you know what you’re paying for when someone offers you a dime or dub.


What Is A Nick, A Dime, A Dub And A Key?

When it comes to a term like dime, only one thing is consistent: the amount you’re paying. A dime is basically ten dollars worth of weed. The actual amount will vary by dealer. Some dimes are close to a gram in weight while others will barely fill a single blunt. Tiny plastic baggies referred to as “dime bags” are designed to hold half a gram to a gram of weed.

The actual name comes from the fact that the word dime has been used as a slang term for the word ten for a long time. For example, saying someone is a dime is synonymous with calling them a ten.


What Is A Nick, A Dime, A Dub And A Key?


Similar to the dime, the only thing consistent about a dub is the amount you’re paying. If your dealer is giving out discounts they might offer a “fifteen dollar dub” which means the same amount they usually give you for twenty but for five dollars less. The quantity is usually a gram or higher. If someone you never met offers you a fifteen dollar dub it probably won’t be much more than a gram. On the other hand, a standard dub is anywhere between one to one and a half grams of weed.

The actual name comes from the word “dubs” which is a slang term for rims that are at least twenty inches. A dub sack refers to a plastic baggie designed to hold a gram or more of weed.


What Is A Nick, A Dime, A Dub And A Key?

Key is a term you’ll only here when you’re around large quantities of cannabis or cocaine. It’s short for the word kilo which means thousand. In this case, it refers to one thousand grams. One kilo is about 2.2 pounds. The price of a key isn’t as consistent as it is with a nick, dime or dub.


What Is A Nick, A Dime, A Dub And A Key?

In the most desperate of times, dealers get asked for nicks. A nick is short for a nickel which refers to half of a dime. Five dollars will get you a quarter of a gram of some fine organic weed or about a half gram of some trash. Either way, it’s just enough for a couple of bowl packs. A nickel bag has just enough space for about a quarter gram of weed.

Final Hit: A Dime, A Dub And A Key

Dime, dub, nick and key are all slang terms used to refer to different prices or quantities of cannabis. If you live in a state that has yet to legalize marijuana, you may still have to utilize these terms to communicate with your supplier. To people in states with legalized marijuana, words like nick are probably just a reminder of their former struggles.


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    Ab is an East Coast editor for High Times. He enjoys learning about cannabis and cannabis products through experience and from experts in the industry.

  1. In the UK when use different words such as:
    Benz is 1g
    8ball is 2g
    3.5 is a 3.5g
    Q is 7g
    Halfer is 14g
    ounce is 28g

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