Utah Candidate for Governor Reveals Wife Under Criminal Investigation for Marijuana

Democratic Party candidate for governor of Utah Mike Weinholtz disclosed this week that police are investigating his wife, Donna Weinholtz, for marijuana possession. Defending Donna Weinholtz’s use medical use of marijuana, Mike Weinholtz said he believed the bold announcement was in the best interest of his delegates.  

"We're happy to be the public face for this issue now and we hope it will help all Utahns, which is why we got into this race in the first place," he told FOX 13 after winning the nominee.

In a statement to KUTV, Weinholtz’s campaign stressed that Donna Weinholtz “uses marijuana to seek relief from chronic neck, back and knee pain brought on by arthritis."

Donna Weinholtz also emphasized the medicinal use of her marijuana use.

"I don't believe in abusing any substance," she told FOX 13. "I don't believing in abusing alcohol, I don't believe in abusing this and this is not what this is about. This is about being able to sleep, and being able to relax and not have the pain from arthritis and I know the folks out there that are like that know what I'm talking about."

Few details about the nature of the criminal investigation of Donna Weinholtz have been revealed, but on Monday, District Attorney Sim Gill, who is a democrat, recused himself from the investigation.

In light of the revelation, Mike Weinholtz said he would sign support legislation legalizing medical marijuana if elected. A restrictive bill introduced without significant action in February would allow narrow use of plant extract, and be before the legislature again in the interim session. 

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