65 Pounds of Weed Delivered with Amazon Order

65 Pounds of Weed Delivered with Amazon Order
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Can you get 65 pounds of weed delivered with Amazon order? One couple in Florida did. But it’s not exactly what they ordered. In fact, this addition to their package was not met well at all. We doubt that Amazon is offering large quantities of cannabis as a new Prime perk. As far as we know, they have no plans of even selling weed through their website. So here’s what happened.

Primo Delivered By Prime?

Who doesn’t love Amazon? It’s one website with everything you can possibly need or want, streamlining the whole online shopping process.

Need books for school? Amazon. Need a bookshelf on which to organize all those books you just purchased? Amazon! Sometimes you even get free shipping.

A Florida couple got the shock of their life when they received a little something extra with their Amazon delivery.

The customer, a woman who wishes to remain anonymous, said that she and her fiancé needed to put some of their belongings in storage, so they ordered four 27-gallon storage bins from Amazon. Sounds pretty innocuous so far.

When the couple received their Amazon order, delivered by United Parcel Service, or UPS, they immediately noticed that something was a bit… off.

“They were extremely heavy,” the woman said in an interview, “More heavy than you w0uld think ordering four empty bins.”

The couple then decided to investigate.

They opened the box, and the smell of cannabis was released into the air. To be clear, the couple did not order weed. They ordered empty storage bins. Furthermore, they were not happy with this mix-up.

The couple called the police to handle the situation.

We can only imagine how that phone conversation went. The police launched an investigation and revealed to news sources that Amazon’s Warehouse Deals shipped the package. And that the package originated in Massachusetts, weighing in at 93.6 pounds.

Interestingly, this is not the first time someone has accidentally received a package of weed. And, of course, people have been mailing cannabis through postal services on purpose for years. It’s not even just an American phenomenon. Across the pond, the Brits surreptitiously employ the mailman to deliver the goods, too.

Final Hit: 65 Pounds of Weed Delivered with Amazon Order

While something like this may seem funny, the couple in question aren’t laughing. They are reportedly afraid for their safety. They even slept elsewhere for a few nights after the incident, for fear that someone would break into their house.

Since the 65 pounds of weed delivered with Amazon order, the woman said that she and her fiancé have been “back and forth” with the international online shopping service.

So far, they have yet to speak with a supervisor. They have since received a $150 gift card and email saying that there was nothing Amazon could do at the time. The woman says that she wants an apology and an explanation. That’s pretty reasonable if you ask us. Although companies can’t always explain away errors like this, one would think that an apology would be doable.

But that $150 Amazon gift card was a nice gesture.

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