A Cafe In This City Will Soon Serve Cannabis-Infused Lattes

Is the Space Needle about to get spacier? A cafe in this city will soon serve cannabis-infused lattes.
A Cafe In This City Will Soon Serve Cannabis-Infused Lattes

Every cannabis and caffeine lover’s dream is about to come true: A cafe in this city will soon serve cannabis-infused lattes. An offshoot of downtown Seattle’s Cafe Hitchcock, Cafe Hitchcock Express will open its doors this spring.

What They’ll Be Serving

The newest item on the menu at this downtown Seattle coffee stand is the “wellness latte.” In addition to espresso and milk, this latte will be CBD oil-infused.

Cafe Hitchcock Express will also be offering plenty of other drinks and food options, with an emphasis on local products. Their menu includes cold-pressed juices, Iggy’s Honeybrew Kombucha and sodas made at the coffee shop. And, of course, lots of espresso.

The cafe will reportedly also sell sandwiches on local Seattle business Sea Wolf Bakery bread.

Where and When They’ll Be Open

Cafe Hitchcock’s newest venture will be located at 821 2nd Avenue in Seattle. The shop will open where now-closed Tully’s Coffee used to be.

They plan on opening Cafe Hitchcock Express in April and giving the cafe a trial run through the summer. If Cafe Hitchcock Express is successful, those behind this venture will keep it open year round.

The hours will be 7 am to 3 pm once open in April.

The Benefit’s of CBD

Lately, marijuana has been getting a lot of good press. Research and anecdotal evidence show that CBD, the abbreviation for the cannabinoid ‘cannabidiol’, has some incredible health benefits for those with serious illnesses as well as anyone with everyday stress.

CBD’s remarkable medical uses are seemingly endless. A brief list of conditions treated by CBD  includes epileptic seizures, PTSD, psoriasis and illnesses that require pain management like HIV and cancer.

Not only is CBD, sometimes in conjunction with THC, approved for treating these conditions in an increasing number of states, but CBD may also prevent certain illnesses.

Research shows that CBD could potentially stop the spread of cancer cells. A study conducted at St. George’s University of London discovered that THC and CBD made radiation treatment on cancer cells more effective. Furthermore, researchers in Australia are currently exploring whether cannabinoids could treat pancreatic cancer.

Though we need more research on what exactly CBD can do for the body, we know that, at worst, CBD can reduce stress and anxiety for the casual user. Most likely, though, it has an abundance of other positive effects.

CBD Doesn’t Get You High

If there’s one thing people should know about CBD is that it won’t get you high. Both marijuana and hemp produce CBD. Since it’s non-psychoactive, unlike THC, you won’t feel ‘stoned’ if you ingest something CBD-based.

From a medical and legal standpoint, CBD’s non-psychoactivity make it a more commonly accepted treatment for children and pregnant women.

It also means that you can drink a CBD-infused latte and not fall asleep at your desk.

You Can Infuse Most Things With CBD

CBD is legal in most places and is increasingly popular among health and wellness enthusiasts. A cafe in this city will soon serve cannabis-infused lattes, but there are seemingly endless ways to incorporate CBD into your life.

You can make CBD-infused matcha, buy CBD-infused honey, or read this whole book on cannabis cocktails.

Final Hit: A Cafe In This City Will Soon Serve Cannabis-Infused Lattes

It looks like anyone in downtown Seattle will be able to get a quick caffeine and CBD fix starting this April.

With a great location, a delicious and locally-sourced menu, and an interest in cannabidiol, Cafe Hitchcock Express is set to make a killing this summer.

And hopefully one day, they’ll even start infusing drinks with THC.

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