Chelsea Handler Releases New Inauguration-Themed Cannabis Kit

Chelsea Handler’s new cannabis kit, “America Is Back” is officially available for purchase!
Chelsea Handler Releases New Inauguration-Themed Cannabis Kit
Via Chelsea Handler’s Instagram

Everyone’s favorite comedian and outspoken feminist and social rights activist Chelsea Handler just announced she has launched a new, Inauguration Day-themed cannabis kit titled “America is Back.” Proceeds of the kit will benefit the nonprofit Cage-Free Repair. 

“Donald Trump sent me to cannabis,” Handler said in a phone interview with WWD. “I used to be a drinker. I used to drink and not be into cannabis and then after the election in 2016, I just couldn’t — anger and alcohol are not a good match. I had to pivot when I realized I had to deal with him being the president for four years.”

Chelsea Handler, like many Americans who aren’t fans of Donald Trump, is really looking forward to January 20 and the inauguration of President Elect Joe Biden. To celebrate this exciting day, she is releasing her new cannabis products bundles which will be sold through Sweet Flower and The Apothecarium. 

The nonprofit to which Handler is donating the proceeds from the sale of these boxes, Cage-Free Repair, helps those from communities that have been the most marginalized and impacted by the war on drugs

“There are things you take to go to sleep,” said Handler in the interview. “There are things you take to wake up. And then there are things you take just to have a good time and laugh.” It was in 2016 that Proposition 64 passed in California, legalizing recreational use of marijuana for adults age 21 years and older. 

“Now, everything is labeled, so there’s no guessing game,” she explained. “You don’t have to go off the rails. You have a hit of a joint. You don’t have to have the whole joint.”

What’s In The Box?

The new cannabis line, which officially launches today, January 14, includes drinks by the flavored tonic company Cann, who infuse their drinks with both CBD and THC, a mask from the clothing brand Sundae School, chocolates from Garen Society, and pre-rolls by Pure Beauty, a cannabis brand based out of Las Angeles. The boxes will be priced at $85 and will be sold throughout the Bay Area at The Apothecarium and at Sweet Flower in L.A. 

In addition to her work as a comedian and actress, Handler is an author and is well-known for her stint as TV host on E!’s Chelsea Lately show. Now, her latest projects are her comedy special, Chelsea Handler: Evolution on HBOMax, and her new cannabis boxes. 

In typical comedian fashion, the reasoning behind the boxes is both serious and lighthearted. While it celebrates the start of a new political era, it also acknowledges that we could all use a bit of a break after the last four years. 

“I do believe we have to hold this moment and understand that four years of hard work and dedication and devotion have paid off, and we all deserve to be able to relax a little bit,” she said. “But [Trump] hasn’t given us that. I mean, look what he’s doing to us on his way out the door.”

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