Denver’s Cheba Hut Claps Back At Sonic’s Weed Intolerance

Sandwich chain Cheba Hut claps back at Sonic’s weed intolerance after the latter formally forbids customers from smoking on site.
Denver's Cheba Hut Claps Back At Sonic's Weed Intolerance
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This week in munchie fast food wars: Denver’s Cheba Hut claps back at Sonic’s weed intolerance. Last week, a Sonic drive-thru in Mississippi threatened not to serve blazed customers. And Cheba Hut won’t stand for discrimination against the stoned from other fast-food chains. We don’t know about you, but we’re stoked to hear that some fast food restaurants know they have the herb to thank. Here’s the story.

Sonic Begs Customers To Stop Smoking Weed

Last week, this Mississippi location of Sonic sought to clamp down on lit clientele. After repeatedly dealing with the super stoned, the Sonic restaurant manager decided to put an end to drive-thru customers toking up in the car. The last straw? A customer rolled down the car window to blow smoke in an employee’s face before ordering their food.

Manager Yasman Freeman of this Sonic location in Gulfport, Mississippi put up a sign to communicate the store’s distaste for the dank. The sign says: “If you are smoking weed in the drive-thru you will not be served! Please show some common courtesy and smoke and air out before pulling up to order.”

Apparently, the herb repeatedly inspired customers to enjoy a quick meal at Sonic. The smoke blowing was only the last in a series of hot-boxing incidents.

Cheba Hut Calls Sonic Out

Denver's Cheba Hut Claps Back At Sonic's Weed Intolerance
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But Sonic’s plea fell on deaf ears, at least in Denver. Cheba Hut, a sub shop that specializes in “toasted” subs, wasn’t too pleased with Sonic’s 420-intolerance.

Their sign at 638 E Colfax Ave in Denver reads loud and clear: “Sonic b snitchin. We welcome the reekin n geekin.”

Cheba Hut Marketing manager Matt Morocco told High Times that after reading our piece on Sonic, they knew they had to respond. Morocco explains, “Our owner texted me and said we have to do something about this. We got good feedback so far.”

Denver’s Cheba Hut claps back at Sonic’s weed intolerance because they understand that weed and fast-food are the perfect match. The whole concept behind Cheba Hut—which has locations in Colorado, California, Nevada and Oregon where recreational weed is legal—is “curing munchies since its start in 1998.”

Cheba Hut’s delivery even caters to the stoned in the name of safety. Their website reads: “We deliver! If you’re high—we’ll fly! Safety first.”

Fast Food and Weed Have An Illustrious History

Everyone knows that nothing pairs better with weed than food. This is why the market for weed-infused chocolates, cannabis-theme dinners and marijuana-infused diets is blowing up.

Despite all these newfangled ways to combine food and marijuana, most people still opt for the classic weed and fast food pairing. And with more people smoking weed than ever before, it’s time for chains to embrace, rather than deny, crucial stoner business. Just look at Lyft’s partnership with Taco Bell.

Denver’s Cheba Hut claps back at Sonic’s weed intolerance is only one example of fast food embracing the herb. In Washington, two drive-thru employees were fired for accepting dabs as payment. A woman once (allegedly) found marijuana in her fries from Wendy’s. In New Hampshire, two Burger King employees sought to save customers the effort of showing up high by selling weed at the drive-thru.

Final Hit: Denver’s Cheba Hut Claps Back At Sonic’s Weed Intolerance

Sonic’s refusal last week to serve the stoned was heard all the way in Denver. As Cheba Hut welcomes the blazed (and even caters to them specifically), other businesses are fighting the tide of legalization. Let’s see if Sonic responds to Cheba Hut’s fighting words.

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