Here’s Jeff Sessions’ Latest Attack On Marijuana

Jeff Sessions’ latest attack on marijuana was deeply ironic. Here’s what he said.
Here's Jeff Sessions' Latest Attack On Marijuana

Jeff Sessions’ latest attack on marijuana is nothing new. His statements did not reflect anything that anti-cannabis politicians haven’t already said a thousand times before. But his latest attempt at maligning the plant was unintentionally funny. Here’s what he said.

What He Said

In a dialogue with interns from the Department of Justice, United States Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions spouted his usual anti-cannabis rhetoric. An intern asked him about his seemingly inverted positions on gun control and cannabis. She brought up his unwavering pro-gun and anti-cannabis views, even though all evidence points to the conclusion that guns have killed more people than ganja. Keep in mind, of course, that cannabis has not caused anyone’s death.

Sessions stressed that he firmly supports the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment gives American citizens the right to bear arms:

A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

On the subject of cannabis, Sessions said that last year, drugs caused more car accidents than alcohol. He did not cite the source of this statement, nor did he specify the types of drugs allegedly causing these accidents.

“Marijuana is not a healthy substance in my opinion,” he said. “The American Medical Association is crystal clear on that.”

In an additional newly released video of a drug policy roundtable, Sessions said that cannabis is a “big issue” in our country.

“I’m of the general view that this is not a healthy substance,” he repeated. “I do believe and I’m afraid that the public is not properly educated on some of the issues related to marijuana.”

He went on to say that fixing that problem would open the door to better policy.

The Irony

Here's Jeff Sessions' Latest Attack On Marijuana

The thing about Jeff Sessions’ latest attack on marijuana is that his arguments are unintentionally hilarious.

He expressed concern that Americans have little knowledge about cannabis. That the public has not received a proper education regarding it. And then he suggests that more education on the matter is necessary to improve marijuana policy.

The grand irony in Sessions’ comments is that they are absolutely right. But for the exact opposite reason of the point that he’s trying to make. Many people have been inundated with misinformation and outright lies about cannabis. And improved education and research on the herb could lead to better policies.

But only if the federal government was actually receptive to the results of the studies. There are plenty of studies already that conclude that cannabis has myriad health benefits and virtually no ill-effects when used properly. But despite this, cannabis remains a Schedule I narcotic.

Final Hit: Here’s Jeff Sessions’ Latest Attack On Marijuana

While we enjoy the irony of Jeff Sessions’ latest attack on marijuana, it’s imperative to remember that his line of thinking has very serious ramifications. Because of politicians and authorities like Sessions, cannabis remains federally illegal. A solid education about the plant would absolutely benefit the country. But that education needs to be truthful and up-to-date.

To continue getting your “proper education” on cannabis, check in with us for the latest information. We’ll give it to you straight.

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