Joe Rogan Is Back To Smoking Weed Again

Joe Rogan celebrated the end of “Sober October” in style.
Joe Rogan Is Back To Smoking Weed Again

Well, that didn’t last long.

Nor was it supposed to.

Joe Rogan announced on episode 1033 of his acclaimed podcast The Joe Rogan Experience that November 1 marked the end of “Sober October,” a month of temperance that originally started as a bet with friends.

After 31 days abstaining from weed, alcohol and any other drugs you might expect Joe Rogan to indulge in, the comedian/MMA expert/cannabis connector decided to celebrate on his show.

The Joe Rogan Experience

Rogan, clearly visibly excited to break his 31-day streak, cracked open a bottle of an obscure brand of whiskey labeled “William Wolf Bourbon.”

“I’m not sure where I got this… I believe somebody gave it to me,” Rogan tried to recall. “I hope it’s not poison.”

Either way, he was undoubtedly psyched for the first part of his celebration. He poured himself, and his guest Owen Benjamin, a stout glass of bourbon, along with a promise of finer things to come.

“We’ll have a little of this and then spark up a doob,” Rogan promised his co-host.

“Congrats on October, man!” Benjamin then complimented, as the two touched glasses and took a swig of the Wolf.

Soon after, Rogan pulled a sizable joint from out of nowhere, placed it in his mouth and sparked it.

“Oh the sweet taste of marijuana,” an invigorated Rogan proclaimed. “My first marijuana in 31 days.”

Although Rogan clearly missed his favorite pastime, he admitted that being sober for the month of October really wasn’t so bad.

“It feels good to be back. It feels good. I missed it, ” Rogan said. “I’ll tell you what though, I enjoyed being sober.”

Rogan added that while he doesn’t think he has any sort of substance abuse problems, it was “nice to take a reset,” and plans to do it again next year. However, for the next 11 months, you can bank on Joe Rogan smoking plenty of doobs.

Joe Rogan Is Back To Smoking Weed Again

While it’s always nice to hear a story of sobriety, the cannabis community should be thrilled with the comedian’s return to the green stuff. While initially, “Sober October” didn’t include cannabis, he decided to go all out and include the “drug” he enjoys the most.

Rogan’s ties to the cannabis community run deep.

He’s been a staunch advocate for legal weed since the early 2000s and has appeared in a plethora of interviews and documentaries regarding the subject. He even appeared in the award-winning 2007 Canadian documentary The Union: The Business Behind Getting High. 

Rogan also frequently talks about weed on his podcast, trying to erase some of the negative stigmas regarding the plant.

“If they don’t like me because I smoke pot, I probably wouldn’t like them anyways,” Rogan once declared on an episode.

Don’t worry Joe, we like you. Even during the month of October.

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