State Funds Anti-Legalization Conference in Nevada

A two-day conference about marijuana legalization in Nevada starts today, but legalization supporters have already decried it as more propagandistic than educational, the Las Vegas Sun reports. The conference, called "Marijuana Summit: What Health Care Professionals, Law Enforcement Officers, Employers and Members of the Court Need to Know," includes anti-legalization activist Kevin Sabet and other cheerleaders of prohibition, like an assemblyman who has been outspoken on the issue, a drug rehab operator, and a cop who spent last year traveling the country to denounce legalization.  

Activists questioned why the Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health would fund the one-sided event, hosted by the anti-drug group Join Together Nevada. 

“Nowhere in the lineup is there any mention of how marijuana can benefit veterans with PTSD,” Nevada State Sen. Patricia Farley told the Sun, “I’d just like to see something a little more fair and balanced.”

“I’m all for education, but the question comes down to, ‘Should the division be funding this?’” Phillip Peckman, president of the Nevada Cannabis Coalition said, “If that’s the case, we’d want them to sponsor a pro-marijuana panel, too.”

Next year, Nevada residents will vote on marijuana legalization in the state.

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