Man Charged After Posting Drug Deals on Facebook Live

Man Charged After Posting Drug Deals on Facebook Live

In recent weed news, a 20-year-old Milwaukee man provided viewers of his Facebook Live with a guide on how not to sell drugs. Jeffery Kirk is facing four counts of manufacturing and delivering THC, plus four counts of possessing a firearm after documenting his drug dealings on social media. In the 40-minute video, Kirk can be seen making back-to-back deals with multiple firearms in his possession. Posting drug deals on Facebook Live was the reason for his eventual arrest.

The Facebook Live Dealer

According to a criminal complaint, made on Sunday, September 10, a Milwaukee police officer was tipped off to a 40-minute video of a young man driving around slinging drugs all over the City of Milwaukee. Jeffery Kirk recorded his crimes and essentially snitched on himself by posting drug deals on Facebook Live.

In the video, Kirk can be seen responding to comments and calls from his audience.

During the calls, he took orders for cannabis and delivered it promptly. The rookie dealer even disclosed the various locations he visited during the filming of the video. As a matter of fact, he indicated to someone on his cell phone that he was in the area of N. 35th Street and W. Hampton.

Kirk flaunts clear plastic bags, filled with a green-colored plant which appears to be cannabis.

Exactly 34 seconds after his first drug deal, the video pans to the right of his car, revealing the stock of a Kel-Tec Sub 2000 9mm semi-automatic rifle.

Approximately 13 minutes into the video, Kirk makes his second trip and states on his live feed that he will be in the area of 67th and W. Capitol Drive.

After 17 minutes of filming, Kirk continues interacting with the people watching live. Two minutes later he was on to his third pot drop-off of the night. The person buying asked for $40 worth, and Kirk took some out of the bag he was flaunting on video between deals.

After the third deal, Kirk makes a call to a woman who he calls “mom” and asks her to bring more cannabis to his car.


Kirk was arrested by investigators nearly a month later.

With the amount he blows himself up, we’re surprised it took law enforcement an entire month to find him. Members of a task force caught him leaving his house on Thursday, October 5. They then performed a consented search of the room in which Kirk and his girlfriend reside.

During an interview with investigators, the young dealer admitted to owning a .22 caliber rifle and a .40 caliber handgun. He admitted to possessing both and claims he purchased them on the street. More weapons, drugs and $1,400 in cash were found in his room. Fear of arrest didn’t keep him from posting drug deals on Facebook Live. However, getting caught and charged has likely shifted his perspective.

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