Man Leaves Two Pounds of Pot in Uber, is Arrested Trying to Retrieve It

How exactly does one forget their two-pound bag of weed in their Uber?
Man Leaves Two Pounds of Pot in Uber, is Arrested Trying to Retrieve It
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A Pennsylvania man who left two pounds of pot in an Uber driver’s vehicle was arrested by police when he tried to retrieve the weed. Malik Mollett, 21, was arrested by undercover state troopers on January 9, according to media reports.

Mollett had hailed a Uber near Pittsburgh late last month, but at the end of his ride forgot a bag with two sealed one-pound packages of cannabis. When he realized that he left his weed in the car, he contacted Uber in an attempt to recover the bag.

Uber Driver Snitches on Rider

Uber contacted the unidentified driver to pass on the information about the missing bag that had been left in the car. The email from Uber included a telephone number for the bag’s owner. After finding the bag, the driver discovered the two packages of marijuana inside and then called the police.

Last week, an undercover Pennsylvania state trooper posing as the driver called Mollett at the phone number provided to report that the bag had been found. Mollett gave the police officer his name and a description of the lost bag. The undercover officer sent a photo of the bag via text message and Mollett confirmed that the bag was his. Mollett and the police officer then made plans to meet at a McDonald’s restaurant in the borough of Irwin, Pennsylvania so that the bag could be returned.

At the meeting, Mollett, who appeared relieved and happy to recover the bag, again confirmed that it was his. Trooper Steve Limani said that Mollett even joked with the undercover police officer.

“I think he even made a reference to ‘how much of this did you guys smoke?’ And the undercover officer that we had dropping it off said they did not consume any of his marijuana,” Limani said.

The first trooper then exited the fast food restaurant and a second undercover officer then came in and arrested Mollett.

Police say that the two pounds of pot recovered is high quality and worth thousands of dollars on the street. Mollett is being held at the Westmoreland County Prison in lieu of a $150,000 bond. He has been charged with drug possession and criminal use of a communication facility.

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