Martha Stewart Accepts Challenge to Smoke a Joint with Chelsea Handler

There’s no turning back now: the Internet is waiting to see Stewart light up—once and for all.
Martha Stewart Accepts Challenge To Smoke A Joint With Chelsea Handler
Via Martha Stewart’s Instagram (Photo Credit: Kevin Sharkey)

In a candid interview, Martha Stewart revealed that she accepted a challenge from Chelsea Handler: to smoke a doobie for the first time in decades. While Stewart frequently dabbles with cannabis and hemp-related enterprises, she’s generally conceded that she does not partake of the herb recreationally, and prefers a cocktail or wine instead.

After doing numerous projects together, Stewart explained on Late Night with Seth Meyers in 2015 that she’s gotten contact high simply from being around Snoop Dogg—which is fairly plausible. But after mounting peer pressure from Snoop to get Stewart high, the television personality-turned-entrepreneur caved in and accepted the challenge from a woman instead.

Following a hilarious heart-to-heart on Instagram, Handler challenged Stewart to join her and smoke a joint together, to which Stewart obliged.

“I just took up Chelsea Handler’s challenge to smoke a joint with her,” Stewart admitted to Entertainment Tonight. “I told her I haven’t smoked a joint since the 1960s. So for me to smoke a joint is a really big deal. We haven’t done it yet […] it has to be together, some time in the future.” 

The date for the christening hasn’t been announced yet, but her fans await eagerly.

Stewart also explained her secret to longevity, as she approaches a new chapter in her life. “Just eat well, exercise well, garden, climb mountains,” she added. “I climbed Kilimanjaro. For goodness sake, I went up into the Himalayas. You have to do that kind of stuff. That’s the kind of stuff that keeps one vibrant and young and it’s important.” 

The Poolside Photo Incident

Stewart accepted Handler’s challenge shortly after the two collided on Instagram in an amicable exchange of words and photos of themselves in their pools.

On July 21, Stewart was feeling herself and posted a noticeably seductive photo of herself relaxing in her luxurious pool on Instagram. The photo broke Instagram, gaining hundreds of thousands of likes and comments, but was immediately panned by her followers as a “thirst trap.”

Handler saw the photo and was inspired to brilliantly recreate it, posting a photo of herself in the same pose in her pool. Handler was careful to keep things kind, and emphasized Stewart’s impressive looks for her age. “If I look this good at 78, I better still have a pool to show myself off in,” Handler noted. Handler’s post went equally viral.

Stewart responded back with a clever retort, keeping herself in control of the conversation. “Dear Chelsea, I’m so happy that you like my post well enough to emulate it,” Stewart commented on the post. “I do think my pool is a little bit prettier than yours and that my facial expression is a little bit more relaxed. Nevertheless you are a beautiful girl and F**KING too young to be emulating me. Continue with your comedy, your humor, and your amazing ability to gather around you political liberals. We need it! Love Martha.”

Martha Stewart’s Complex Relationship with Cannabis

Last year, Stewart announced her partnership with Canopy Growth to release a line of CBD skin care products. She teased the idea of releasing CBD products for pets as well. The products are expected to debut in September.

The Emmy-nominated Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party is known for frequent pot jokes between Snoop Dogg and Stewart, who happily plays along. The two former felons are practically besties.

Stewart turns 79 years young on Aug. 3, and she will soon prove that it’s never too late to indulge in a joint. In her interview with Entertainment Tonight, Stewart indicated that she’s “going backwards now” when counting her age.

Stewart’s new series on HGTV, Martha Knows Best, will debut Friday, and focus on gardening projects around the house.

Stewart’s relationship with cannabis could change again, once she finally gets high with Handler. Hopefully Stewart will have the sense to record it for all of us to experience.

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