Michigan Teenager Allegedly Tries to Win Homecoming Votes with Weed Brownies

A Michigan high school teenager allegedly gave out pot brownies to her peers in order to secure votes for the title of Homecoming Queen.
Michigan Teenager Allegedly Tries to Win Homecoming Votes with Weed Brownies
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A high school cheerleader in Michigan is under investigation after allegedly trying to win votes as homecoming queen by giving out brownies laced with cannabis. The unidentified teen is a student at Hartford High School in Hartford, Michigan, according to media reports. Hartford is a small independent city of about 2,8000 residents in Hartford Township. The town is located between Kalamazoo and the eastern shore of Lake Michigan.

Patrolman Michael Prince of the Hartford Police Department told local media that school administrators had reported the incident.

“The principal mentioned they were getting some tips in about some possible brownies that may have been laced with marijuana oil,” said Prince.

Cheerleader Busted By Smartphone App

Prince said that the school had received a tip about the pot brownies via OK2Say, a smartphone app that allows users to confidentially submit information regarding school safety. He said the tipster said a 17-year-old female student had brought marijuana brownies to school and given some to players on the school’s football team in homecoming week goodie bags. The student then gave away leftover brownies to other pupils in an effort to win votes for homecoming queen, according to the information received by the school. Prince added that school staff was already looking into the allegations made through the app.

“The school’s taking this very seriously, they are doing their own investigation and they’re just starting to turn over some of the statements from the students possibly involved or witnesses,” said Prince.

The officer said that it appears that the student brought a total of 12 marijuana brownies to school. Investigators have reportedly recovered three of the brownies, which have been sent to the state crime lab for analysis and confirmation that they had been laced with marijuana. They believe that the nine pot brownies that have not been accounted for may have been consumed by students.

Perp Skips Town

Price said that the student who is suspected of bringing the pot brownies to school is currently out of state with her mother attending to a family emergency. Police are planning to interview both mother and student when they return to town. The student could possibly face felony charges for distributing a controlled substance at the school, which has been designated as a drug-free zone.

Price believes that parents of children who attend the school should have a conversation with them about the issue and perhaps even seek medical attention.

“I think they need to talk to their children that are students and if they think that they could possibly been involved, then take them to the hospital and get them tested,” said Prince.

Police: ‘Like, Wow’

Prince said that he is unaware of any similar incidents while he has been in law enforcement in Van Buren County.

“I’ve read about things across this country, it has not happened with anything that I know of in this area,” said Prince. “I’ve been an officer a long time and whenever you think you’ve heard it all, something just about daily comes up like, ‘Wow.'”

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