Most Mormons Support Medical Marijuana

Most Mormons Support Medical Marijuana
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The following might throw a wrench in your preconceived notions, but we can assure you it’s legit. According to the most recent surveys, the majority of “active” Mormons in Utah are in favor of medical marijuana.

Cannabis and Utah

It might be common knowledge, but the vast majority of Mormon people abstain from drinking, drugs and other acts of hedonism like premarital sex. The state of Utah is predominantly Mormon, and their policies and political leanings often reflect that.

In accordance with these views, Mormon leaders in the state have historically been opposed to medical marijuana. They have even battled state lawmakers and politicians about the matter. Although, CBD oil is permitted–but only for the treatment of epilepsy and only if the patient purchases it in another state.

In 2015, Republican Senator Mark B. Madsen proposed a bill that would lift the 100-year prohibition of cannabis in Utah. Seriously, Utah banned cannabis back in 1915–they were one of the first states to do so. The measure, called Senate Bill 259, would have allowed Utah to have a medical marijuana program. The bill failed.

Madsen evidently took the phrase “if at first, you don’t succeed, try, try again” to heart. In 2016, he brought another medical marijuana bill to the Senate floor. Interestingly, it passed in the Senate before ultimately dying at the hands of the House Health and Human Services Committee.

Enter Jon Huntsman Sr.

Earlier this summer, prominent businessman, and founder of the Huntsman Cancer Institute in Utah, Jon Huntsman Sr., made headlines.

The big hoopla?

He publicly announced his support of medical marijuana.

Huntsman, a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, is a four-time cancer survivor. Now cancer-free and dealing with severe chronic pain, Huntsman is an avid supporter of medical cannabis for the purpose of alleviating people’s suffering. Although he seems to think medical cannabis is chemically different than the kind of weed people smoke to get high, it’s helpful to have such a well-known figure supporting the cause.

Mormons, non-Mormons and Marijuana

Over the summer, there was a statewide survey in Utah about the use of medical cannabis and the legality behind it. The results of the poll were optimistic. Turns out that the vast majority of people living in Utah would support pro-medical cannabis legislation in their state—73 percent of Utahns, to be exact.

Even better?

In an additional poll, it was revealed that 63 percent of “active” members of the Mormon religion in Utah support medical marijuana.

Final Hit: Most Mormons Support Medical Marijuana

The results of the surveys are pretty great for the state of Utah. Not only because it proves that progress can be made in the state regarding cannabis legislation, but also because there will be an initiative in 2018 to bring non-smokeable forms of medical cannabis to the state. Now that it is public knowledge that the majority of Utah’s residents will support the initiative next year, it could make medical marijuana reform a lot smoother than it may have been if the majority of the state did not support it.

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