Nate Diaz Sparks Joint On Live TV

Nothin’ but a G thang.
Nate Diaz Smokes Joint Live TV

UFC Lightweight Superstar Nate Diaz never ceases to amaze. On Sunday night during the UFC Fight Night 126 in Austin, TX—Diaz stunned the audience by casually pulling out a joint with gold rolling papers and nearly lights it up.

Who Is Nate Diaz?

Nate Diaz, as well as his brother Nick Diaz, are famous advocates for the legalization of marijuana and on numerous occasions have been very open about using it during their training and free time. Although Nates action has been widely accepted by the crowd in Texas as well as the fans around the world, UFC does not take this type of behavior lightly as his older brother Nick Diaz has been banned for 5 years from UFC for his cannabis use. It is still unclear how the UFC will react to Nates spark of bravery and spitefulness.

Personal use of marijuana is still considered a criminal offense in Texas, but it seems that the gesture was accepted well by Fox as they have tweeted this:

Final Hit: Nate Diaz Sparks Joint On Live TV

Nate Diaz next fight has still not been determined as he’s still on break after his last bought almost two years ago, but he sure is attracting a lot of attention which is a sign that we may see Nate in the ring in the upcoming months. Nate has been waiting for a long time to fight rival Conor McGregor (who was just spotted in an Amsterdam weed cafe). And according to sources, we may just see these two fighters spark a joint together in the ring.

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