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10 Best Rolling Papers Of 2017

There’s no end to unique, innovative and creative rolling papers out there. But quality materials and craftspersonship can be harder to find.

10 Best Rolling Papers Of 2017

The humble rolling paper. In today’s scene of handheld vapes, high-tech dab rigs and gourmet edibles, it’s easy to overlook the simple delights of burning one down. But for those who haven’t abandoned the art of rolling, papers are something of a passion. The subtle interactions between paper and plant can create a rich palette of flavors and experiences, allowing the true connoisseur to sculpt the perfect smoking experience. And it goes without saying that the art of rolling couldn’t exist without the perfect leaf. So to that end, here are the best rolling papers of 2017.

The seismic shift in attitudes toward cannabis is due in large part to its increased visibility as medicine. The perception that weed can actually benefit one’s health—and the increasing evidence that shows how it does so—have completely changed consumer culture in states with legal cannabis.

The best rolling papers of 2017 reflect these health-conscious trends in mainstream cannabis culture. Organic, sustainable, natural, tobacco-free… These are the features of this year’s best rolling papers.

But this list isn’t all fair-trade certified, hemp-only products. Because at the other end of the spectrum, it’s all luxury. So from the natural to the supernatural, let’s dive into the best rolling papers of 2017.

10. High Hemp Organic Wraps

10 Best Rolling Papers Of 2017

“Organic from the seed up.” That’s how High Hemp describes the hemp farming process that culminates in their natural hemp wraps. Rich in CBD, and available in flavor or flavorless varieties, High Hemps rolling papers bring out the tastes and sensations in your flower.

Price: From $4.99

Pros: Incredible flavors, completely organic and they smoke well.

Cons: Hard to find in stores.

Why We Like It: Natural, eco-friendly and well-crafted, these papers and wraps exemplify everything that’s great about this year’s rolling papers.

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