Nazis Believe ‘Jews’ Have Condemned Generations to Grow Up Stoned

Turns out, Neo-Nazis hate cannabis just as much as they hate minorities.
Nazis Believe 'Jews' Have Condemned Generations to Grow Up Stoned

When it comes to the legalization of marijuana, it seems that Neo-Nazis are convinced that this progressive reform, which is becoming more widespread across the nation, has doomed the younger generations to grow up stoned. To make matters worse, these extremist hate organizations are of the opinion that it is the ‘Jews” who are responsible for dragging the Land of the Free into this obscene new drug culture.

In a recent article by the Daily Stormer entitled “Can Trump Put the Brakes on the Weed Lobby,” the site argues that, despite the administration’s desire to crackdown on cannabis in legal states, pot reform is “probably just something we’re all going to have to learn how to deal with.”

The author of the piece, Andrew Anglin, who is the publisher of what is considered the largest neo-Nazi website in the world, pulls no punches about his disdain for the marijuana movement.

“It is personally disgusting to me that we are condemning a generation of children to grow up baked in this noxious substance,” wrote website editor Andrew Anglin. “But there is now huge public support for it.”

Nazis Want Trump to Get Rid of Them Foreigners Before Messin’ With Weed

Nazis Believe 'Jews' Have Condemned Generations to Grow Up Stoned
Andrew Anglin; The Jewish Journal

Anglin, who endorsed Roy Moore for the Alabama Senate after he reportedly quoted Hitler “correctly,” admits that he does not believe that federal marijuana enforcement should be a priority. The article suggests that his people would rather see Trump use the power of the presidency “to stop Moslems, Mexicans and trannies first.” After all, “those are much more threatening threats, and much easier to target as they are much less popular than weed,” according to the Stormer.

But if this hate rag had a magic wand and could finally snuff out all of the Jews from the face of the planet, it believes the cannabis industry would be at risk of extinction. This is because “Most of the marijuana industry, I can assure you, is run by Jews,” writes Anglin.

But as Newsweek pointed out in its piece on this insanity, Anglin’s racist rants on the Daily Stormer provide no evidence to support his claim that the cannabis industry is mostly run by the Jewish community. Reporter Michael Edison Hayden suggests that Anglin’s misguided position is just another anti-Semitic conspiracy theory.

Still, Anglin says all someone has to do is Google “Jews marijuana industry” or “Jews cannabis growers” to “confirm that the industry is dominated by Jews.” In response to Newsweek’s commentary, the Daily Stormer published a separate blog, where Anglin refers to a number of articles proving that Jews are running the stoned show. If there was a pro-marijuana article on the Internet with quotes from people named “Rosenthal” “Kaplan” or “Goldberg,” Anglin used them in an attempt to convince his loyal followers that weed is just another way for the Jews to keep the white man down.

Nazis Believe 'Jews' Have Condemned Generations to Grow Up Stoned

This is not the first time a prominent figure in the realm of hate has come forward to express a negative opinion of marijuana legalization.

White Supremacist David Duke, the former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, who has praised President Trump for being a great leader, recently emerged with comments regarding the pot laws in California.

In a tweet to U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Duke wrote, “Come on Jeff Sessions get serious and do your job! How can you pass ‘laws’ in contrast to existing federal laws? Why isn’t the DOJ prosecuting these lawless politicians…These people belong in prison!”

Although Duke has been known to use the drug issue to sell his spiel about Jews running amok on the well being of the white man, Anglin’s voice on the issue is rooted in pure hypocrisy.

According to a story published by the Atlantic, Anglin is an experienced drug user. The story claims the 33-year-old was “deeply” into drugs when he was younger, experimenting with a variety of illegal substances, such as LSD, magic mushrooms and cocaine. A few of his colleagues at the Daily Stormer also have connections to the drug culture, the report finds.

Final Hit: Nazis Believe ‘Jews’ Have Condemned Generations to Grow Up Stoned

Perhaps what is the most humorous aspect of the idea of neo-Nazis fighting against the legalization of marijuana, or having any anti-drug opinion whosoever, is the fact that their superhero in abhorrence, Adolph Hitler, was a hardcore dope fiend. It is common knowledge these days that the Fuhrer had an insatiable lust for cocaine and opiates. Man, he had it bad too! In the book “Blitzed,” author Norman Ohler, explains that Hitler was on a vicious concoction of speedball throughout the entire war – receiving regular, daily injections to just to keep up the facade. He eventually earned himself a wicked addiction to these substances and suffered withdrawals in the last months of his life.

Maybe if Hitler would have been introduced to marijuana at some point before his launching into a full-blown reign of terror, and assembled a legion of Stoned Troopers rather that Stormtroopers, the entire outcome of his wartime atrocities would have turned out much differently.

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