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Netflix’s Weed-Themed Sitcom ‘Disjointed’ Canceled

Netflix’s weed-themed sitcom ‘Disjointed’ canceled after one season, presumably due to harsh critic reviews.

Netflix's Weed-Themed Sitcom 'Disjointed' Canceled
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While weed has slowly made its way into mainstream television, there has been an unfortunate casualty amongst cannabis-centric programming. The announcement that Netflix’s weed-themed sitcom Disjointed canceled after just one season just broke.

‘Disjointed’ Flames Out

The series, penned on spec by longtime sitcom stalwart and The Big Bang Theory creator Chuck Lorre, and former Daily Show head writer David Javerbaum, landed at Netflix on a 20-episode order following a bidding war between several prominent broadcasting and streaming outlets.

The multicamera workplace sitcom starred two-time Emmy award-winning Kathy Bates in the role of Ruth, a lifelong cannabis advocate who finally received the chance to live out her fantasy as an owner of an L.A.-area cannabis dispensary. Joining Bate’s Ruth are three budtenders, her twenty-something-year-old son and a troubled security guard, all of which were, unsurprisingly, stoned more often than not.

One of the shows supporting stars, Michael Trucco, originally announced the news on Twitter.

The show appeared to have two seasons, following its original debut in August 2017, but the first season was actually split into two, ten episode parts, a common practice of Netflix sitcoms. It appears Netflix attempted to garner a larger audience following the first half of the first season, but the show never took off, leading to its inevitable cancellation.

The series received scathing reviews from critics, panning the show for its predictable jokes, over-the-top pot plots, odd animated cutaway sequences, and just an overall lack of hilarity.

While critics were less-than-favorable of the show, casual fans, overall,  seemed to approve of the pot comedy. The series held a ghastly 23 percent rating amongst critics on Rotten Tomatoes, but a respectable score of 80 amongst viewers.

Other shows receiving the axe from Netflix include Lady Dynamite, Girlboss, Gypsy and The Get Down. 

Final Hit: Netflix’s Weed-Themed Sitcom ‘Disjointed’ Canceled

Despite the nixing of Disjointed, this shouldn’t be the end of the road for Bates or Lorre and their respective Netflix affiliations.

While the failure goes down on Lorre’s resume as his first one-and-done show since 1992’s, Frannie’s Turn, his first original show after writing for Roseanne, Lorre already has a deal in place for another Netflix sitcom. The Kominsky Method, a single camera sitcom starring Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin, is set to debut sometime this year.

As for Bates, her American Horror Story collaborator Ryan Murphy has reportedly signed an exclusive five-year contract with Netflix, worth up to $300 million. If Bates is looking to make her way back on to the streaming service, this could most certainly be her easiest way in.

However, for now, it appears the duo’s last endeavor, is simply, just a roach.

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