New App, Mindleap, Aims To Revolutionize Psychedelic Use And Wellness

A new app connects mental health professionals with people using psychedelics.
New App, Mindleap, Aims To Revolutionize Psychedelic Use And Wellness

Telehealth is about to get psychedelic.

That is the idea behind Mindleap, which bills itself as the first psychedelics-focused digital telehealth platform, as well as “the only digital health platform that combines telehealth with mood, emotion and habit tracking.”

Users of the platform will have the ability to “browse vetted and experienced specialists and easily schedule appointments and purchase mental health services,” while specialists who use the platform “benefit from the platform’s full freedom to manage their virtual practice on their terms setting their own prices, choosing the hours they work each week,” a press release boasted.

Trust Is Key

The company says that it “will never sell or license user data, including electronic Personal Health Information (ePHI) to anyone,” while asserting that it maintains “strict policies around how data is handled and stored; all data is encrypted in-transit and at-rest, and specialists are not permitted to save their clients’ data – they can only view it temporarily while the user chooses to share it during a video call.”

The platform is said to “meet all HIPAA guidelines by implementing secure electronic access to health data and remains in compliance with privacy regulations and best practices.”

“Mindleap was designed with trust as our number one priority. Our platform is fully secure and all data is encrypted in-transit and at-rest and we are committed to each individual’s right to full privacy and confidentiality when they use our platform,” said Mindleap chief technology officer Simon Abou-Antoun.

It will, however, provide “non-identifiable” data from the platform to researchers at Imperial College of London, Macquarie University in Sydney and the University of Alberta in Canada to promote psychedelic research.

New App, Mindleap, Aims To Revolutionize Psychedelic Use And Wellness
Courtesy of Mindleap

“While Mindleap does not encourage people to spend time on their phones while taking psychedelic substances, and does not facilitate psychedelic use via the platform, we recognize a deep need for people to connect with trained professionals who can help them discuss and understand their individual psychedelic experiences,” a press release on Thursday said.

“Integration specialists help clients through a systematic process that can turn their psychedelic experience into something practical – this can include making sense of unique images or ideas that came to mind during a psychedelic experience, as well as setting new goals, habits and behaviours that can help to improve a person’s life. This process is called integration or aftercare, and is an important part of using psychedelics for therapeutic purposes and personal growth.”

Founded last November in Vancouver, Mindleap began adding clinical psychologists and neuroscientists to its team at the beginning of this year. In February, it completed the first prototype of the Mindleap platform. By March, it had completed a $500,000 round of seed financing, and in June, Mindleap inked an agreement to be acquired by Mydecine Innovations Group. This month, Mindleap is launching to the public, with what it says will be a focus on “psychedelic integration.” 

By year’s end, Mindleap says it hopes to launch a therapeutics programs and expand the platform to all types of mental health specialists. Mindleap will be available to download on iOS and Android on September30th.

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