New Subscription Service Ships Concentrates Directly to Consumers

Instead of letting extracts age on a dispensary shelf, Apex is offering consumers an opportunity to receive their extracts while they’re at the freshest point.
Courtesy of APEX

California cannabis manufacturer Apex Extractions announced on Tuesday that it is launching a new subscription program that will deliver top-quality cannabis concentrates directly to California consumers. The Apex Fresh Club, as the program is known, will send a selection of three concentrates with cannabis sourced from some of California’s finest cultivators to a discerning clientele.

The Fresh Club

Scott Benson and Ted Hicks, who share the reigns as co-chief executive officers at the company, said in a press release that the new service will allow consumers who have come to trust the quality of Apex Extractions a regular opportunity to enjoy its premier offerings.

“The response to our products has been overwhelming, and optimizing our clients’ experience is our biggest priority,” they said. “Introducing this subscription service will help us get our product in the hands of cannabis connoisseurs quickly providing the best possible experience.”

Benson said in an interview with High Times that The Apex Fresh Club will be a way to connect artisan growers in California with consumers who have an affinity for top-shelf cannabis concentrates, allowing them to realize the full potential of each strain offered.

“I think this subscription program is really important for people who want great products and we really want to serve that market,” said Benson.

Each month, subscribers will receive a curated selection of three of the finest concentrates currently available from Apex for $139, including state excise tax. Offerings will feature some of the best concentrates available from California’s small-crop cultivators, including winners of the High Times Cannabis Cup. 

The club will be the best opportunity to acquire the concentrates that are most in demand, Benson noted, saying that “some of them are going to be really rare because it’s going to be really small boutique batches.”

Cutting Out the Middle Man

The key to bringing cannabis connoisseurs the finest quality concentrates, he explained, is getting them into the hands of customers as quickly as possible. To do this, the Apex Fresh Club avoids the usual retail supply chain, allowing it’s delivery partners to deliver each month’s selections at the peak of freshness, giving them the opportunity to enjoy each concentrate while terpene and flavor profiles are at their best.

 “And if you love it as a subscriber,” Benson added, “then it will be at the stores afterward and it’ll still have a great taste profile, but you will have gotten to experience it first, at it’s prime.”

When customers sign up for the Apex Fresh Club on the company’s website, they will be given the opportunity to customize their experience by rating their preferences for sativa, indica, or hybrid dominant strains and whether they’d like concentrates or live resin in disposable vape pens and vape cartridges. Carts should be available beginning with the August shipment.

To preserve the quality of its extracts, Apex worked with hardware manufacturers to produce pens and cartridges that operate at a lower temperature and deliver the best terpene profile and flavor. Benson explained that many pens and cartridges on the market have coils that heat the product to too high a temperature, destroying terpenes and giving the remaining concentrate a burnt taste. The Apex Fresh Club solves that problem with its premium hardware.

Oakland-based Apex Extractions has been producing top-quality full-spectrum concentrates since the beginning of Calfornia’s regulated cannabis market in January 2018. The company has earned numerous awards for its products, including High Times Cannabis Cup winners such as Banana Pudding and Sled Dawg selections as Best Sativa Concentrate, Papaya Sauce for Best Indica Concentrate, and Best Hybrid Concentrate trophies for a Starburst OG x Dosido and Wedding Crasher #18. Apex Extractions concentrates, pens, and vape cartridges are available at licensed dispensaries throughout California.

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