OCTOBER 2014 – Table of Contents

The Booming Business of Buds
Legalization and the cannabis industry’s exponential growth means there’s no shortage of opportunity to get your foot in the door.
Check out our top pot jobs and get started — now!
By Jen Bernstein

From Clones to Concentrates
TC Labs has built its brand by working closely with Colorado’s top cultivators, processing the very best plants into high-powered concentrates. High Times checks out the company’s new, state-of-the-art “dab lab.”
By Dan Skye

All Systems Grow
Nico Escondido provides a comprehensive list of indoor grow systems and mediums to help you decide what will work best for your space and plants, complete with advanced grow tips for both hydro and soil setups.

The Last Alchemist
Alexander “Sasha” Shulgin, perhaps the greatest psychedelic research chemist of all time, died on June 2, 2014. High Times spoke with Sasha and visited his alchemical hideaway a week before his death. By James Kent

The Fury in Missouri
Last March, a cannabis-friendly Facebook post set off an Internet firestorm between dog lovers and a disgraced former cop.
By Chris Simunek

High Times Interview: Bob Snodgrass
Call him the “Godfather of Glass.” Glassblowers speak in reverential tones of Bob Snodgrass, the artist who pioneered new techniques and a host of modern glassblowing tools. Now the man who launched the modern pipe movement speaks about his legacy.
By Jason Harris

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