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Original Series “Grow House” Premieres Today on High Times TV

America’s “weedhearts” Liz Grow and Patrick Pope are taking us on a reefer road trip.

Original Series "Grow House" Premieres Today on High Times TV
Courtesy of "Grow House"/ High Times TV

High Times TV is thrilled to premiere the new original series, Grow House. Starring newlywed cannabis advocates Liz Grow and Patrick Pope, Grow House explores the modern cannabis scene in the United States, while striving to normalize and destigmatize the plant—and its consumers.

The series follows Liz and Patrick as they travel across the country to visit states that have legalized cannabis. They tour grow houses and processing facilities, and talk to farmers, producers, business owners, and more. Their mission? To educate the average citizen about the plant in a way that’s both fun and informative. And of course, to celebrate cannabis and the people who work with it.

Original Series "Grow House" Premieres Today on High Times TV

Courtesy of “Grow House”/ High Times TV

For both Liz and Patrick, cannabis destigmatization and legalization is deeply personal. Liz, an athlete and mother of a teenaged girl, hopes to turn other moms onto the healing powers of cannabinoids—particularly CBD, which the self-described “cannathlete” uses in her workouts. She’s ready for the stereotype of a “wine mom” to be gone for good.

Patrick, a producer and actor, aims to explore the connection between cannabis and spirituality.

“We are passionate cannabis advocates and are dedicated to normalizing this amazing plant and all of its benefits at the personal, community, and global level,” they say. “We use cannabis and CBD for both health and recreational purposes daily. We’re committed to spreading that message with the world!”

Shining a light on every part of the cannabis industry, from seed to sale, and from mom-and-pop stores to multi-million-dollar enterprises, Grow House shows the human side of the plant—and of course, shows how exciting and innovative the industry can be.

Original Series "Grow House" Premieres Today on High Times TV

Courtesy of “Grow House”/ High Times TV

Grow House premieres exclusively on High Times TV Tuesday, Jan. 15. After the debut, Season One will air every Tuesday, and take the viewer to Philadelphia, Portland, Los Angeles, Denver, and Palm Desert.

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Chloé Harper Gold
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Chloé Harper Gold is a writer and editor for High Times Magazine. When she’s not writing about cannabis or going to class, she likes to attend literary events and analyze the horror and science fiction genres.

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