San Diego Cannabis Group Seeks Pot Testimonials

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The San Diego educational community group CannITalk is seeking individuals willing to give short video testimonials sharing how cannabis has had a positive impact in their life. The group, in conjunction with the Association of Cannabis Professionals (ACP), will edit submissions into a program to be presented to the San Diego City Council at a public hearing on Tuesday, September 11.

At that meeting, the council will be considering proposed ordinances to regulate marijuana cultivation, manufacturing, testing and distribution in California’s second-largest city. The ACP is currently lobbying city staff to include home delivery provisions in the proposal. It is hoped that the personal experiences shared will help sway any council members reluctant to allow a robust legalized cannabis market.

Testimonials will be recorded by a videographer at the monthly CannITalk educational forum to be held Monday, August 28. Organizers Dan Shook and Chris Kammer explained that the goal of CannITalk is to create a community based on cannabis education. They believe that the public is hungry for information and that the CannITalk events can be a platform for sharing knowledge on the benefits of marijuana.

Chris Kammer (L) and Dan Shook of CannITalk (Photo by A.J. Herrington)

“We’re still learning,” noted Shook. “Fibromyalgia, Crohn’s disease, restless leg syndrome, chronic pain, epilepsy. There’s all these conditions that people are silently dealing with, and they don’t know, or they’re curious… Can cannabis be something that can help me out?”

The educational topic for the August CannITalk will be “Lab Testing in 2018.” Tina Urban of Urban Laboratories will discuss mandatory analytic testing of cannabis products coming to California next year.

The CannITalk event will be held at Trailer Park After Dark, 835 Fifth Ave. in San Diego at 6:30 p.m., on Monday, August 28. The cost is $10, or $5 with a donation of food or clothing for the needy. Those wishing to record a testimonial are asked to RSVP to

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