Smoke Marijuana at the Movies Legally in Denver

As Colorado traverses the new territory of social cannabis clubs, The Scarlet Theater looks to break new ground as “the world’s first cannabis-friendly movie theater.” The trifecta plan includes a comfortable BYOC smoking lounge with all the apparatuses, a “world-class restaurant,” and the cinema itself, which will show new indie films and cult classics.

Although tourists will need to purchase a membership, they’ll be able to use the lounge and theater as a place to enjoy cannabis outside of their hotel room–if their hotel room even allows smoking weed. Amendment 64 regulates cannabis in a fashion “similar to alcohol,” yet the cannabis equivalent to a local bar isn’t one of the provisions. The Scarlet Theater hopes to pave the way to a new social vision.

Currently, the theater is seeking crowd-funding in the amount of $3,000 to get the ball rolling. The campaign runs through September 28th and includes donation perks like memberships and date night packages.

Once the initial funding campaign is finished, The Scarlet found, “a local business owner who’s interested in opening a cannabis smoking lounge in Gilpin County,” to invest in the property. The exact location is currently under wraps, but they hope to make another announcement soon. You can follow The Scarlet’s progress on Twitter via @ScarletTheater.

Proprietor Kelly S. McGonigal described how the Scarlet Theater differentiates itself from a traditional social club, “Offering more things to do than just smoke and socialize–which are great in and of themselves, but sometimes people want to toke up, and maybe talk with people for a while, but then they want to go off and do their own thing. People who want to do that can go to the movie theater, they can go to the restaurant. And since they’re all operated by us, patrons will know they’ll be in a supportive, understanding environment. Also, the theater and restaurant offer options for companions of smokers–they can go watch a movie while their friend smokes a bowl or two, and then they can meet up for dinner, or vice versa. We’re absolutely about the smoking, but we also understand that it’s not ALL about the smoking. And we figure that will make us at least a bit more palatable to those who still aren’t keen on the whole legal marijuana thing.”

The theater is scheduled to open April 20, 2015.

  1. Wait what? Am I really reading it right? Marijuana in cinemas? Oh God now this is called advancement in the marijuana industry! But it makes me think why still marijuana is illegal in many states. I am very much in favour of medical marijuana. I know how it helps the patients to heal. It has been a survivor to many people and is a gateway to awful pharma drugs. From marijuana legalization I mean it should be legalized for good reason. Smoking is cinema is though success to marijuana industry but smoking marijuana for fun and getting high is not okay and such things are the cause of delay in legalization of marijuana and the deserving people hence get deprived of it.

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