Wiz Khalifa Throws Down in Latest MMA Training Videos

Rapper and weed icon Wiz Khalifa thinks he could go pro in the UFC, but he likes rapping better.
Wiz Khalifa Throws Down in Latest MMA Training Videos
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For more than a year, rap icon Wiz Khalifa has been getting serious about his mixed martial arts training. But whether or not Khalifa is ready for a real professional fight is still an open question. Without a doubt, though, his latest MMA training videos show he’s got the toughness and the tenacity to break into the world of MMA. But does he stand a real chance in the ring?

Is Wiz Khalifa Considering a Professional MMA Career?

It’s hard to imagine a more dramatic career pivot than moving from a gig with Warner Bros. Records to mixing it up with the most savage fighters on earth in an MMA match.

For at least a year, Wiz Khalifa has been training in the martial art of Muay Thai. The full contact combat form has catapulted into popularity thanks to professional UFC fighters.

In an interview with Power 106 FM’s The Cruz Show yesterday, Khalifa describes the intensity of his training regimen.

Khalifa spends five days a week in the gym. And he’s high most of the time.

Cannabis helps Khalifa deal with the pain of the training sessions, especially when he’s sparring with other fighters.

“It’s crazy that you know that. A lot of people don’t know that,” Khalifa said about using weed during training.

The all-important question: is Khalifa considering the UFC? It’s easy to tell the respect Wiz has for the athletes who compete in the UFC, but his performing career is something holding him back.

“I need to be able to get on stage, I need to be able to get in front of the camera,” Wiz replied to The Cruz Show. “Those dudes — you’re not gonna look camera ready once you get in the ring.”

Undeniably, Wiz Khalifa’s look is an indispensable part of his brand. And that camera-friendly face is something he probably shouldn’t sacrifice for the fame and fortune of fighting.

“But I got it if I need it,” Khalifa adds.

Wiz Khalifa’s High-Powered Training Montages Haven’t Convinced Some Pro UFC Fighters


One UFC fighter isn’t swayed by Khalifa throwing down in his training videos. Undefeated (10-0) bantamweight fighter Sean O’Malley told TMZ Sports Khalifa would “get wrecked” in a real UFC fight.

For his part, O’Malley is a huge fan of Khalifa’s career as a rapper, actor, and songwriter. And O’Malley would love to smoke with him. He just doesn’t think Khalifa stands a chance in the Octagon.

In a TMZ video posted a couple weeks back, O’Malley says he thinks it’s awesome that Wiz is training, but still thinks the rapper would have no chance, “like zero,” in a real fight.

But it’s nothing against Khalifa’s effort or ability. In fact, O’Malley offers a simple reason why he thinks Khalifa would lose in a UFC fight.

“I’ve been training since I was 16,” he says. “You got to take it like a full-time job,” O’Malley explains. And Wiz, of course, is primarily focusing on his career as a rapper and performing artist.

Other UFC Champs Are Impressed with Wiz Khalifa’s MMA Skills

Other UFC fighters, along with Khalifa’s legendary trainer, think he was a real shot if he ever decided to go pro and devote all his energy to his training.

In fact, Khalifa’s trainer Jay Glazer thinks he would kick ass in pro MMA. When TMZ caught up with Glazer and asked him if he though Khalifa could go pro if he wanted to, Glazer replies, “Yeah, oh yeah.”

Most of Khalifa’s training videos show him hard at work at Glazer’s Unbreakable Performance gym. Everyone who has seen them seems to think Khalifa would make an excellent pro MMA fighter.

And that includes UFC champion Tyron Woodley, who according to TMZ is “very impressed” with Khalifa’s fighting prowess.

“Because he’s in it and his work ethic is ridiculous,” Glazer explains. Still, Glazer admits that a career switch isn’t very likely. And that’s because Khalifa is lucky enough to be able to make his money without taking kicks and punches to the face.

Wiz Thinks He Could Go Pro, But He Likes Rapping Better

Simply enough, you’d have to pay Wiz Khalifa a whole bunch of money to get him to put his face on the line in a fight, but he still trains with the best, because it’s fun. Wiz likes rapping better though.

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