Woody Harrelson Reveals How Willie Nelson Reignited His Love of Weed

It was only a matter of time before Woody got back on the weed train.
Woody Harrelson Reveals How Willie Nelson Reignited His Love of Weed
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Appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday, Woody Harrelson reveals how Willie Nelson reignited his love of weed, through none other than some good ol’ fashioned peer pressure.

Woody Harrelson was once one of Hollywood’s most prevalent pot-smokers, but his love for the green has waned as his hairs have greyed. Or, more accurately, fell off of his scalp. The actor revealed last year that he had officially stopped smoking weed, citing that the plant kept him from being ’emotionally available,’ along with the simple fact that he had a penchant for partying too often.

“But I am a party animal, “Harrelson said in an interview with Vulture last year. “But on the other hand, I haven’t … I’m now extremely moderate and … I actually stopped smoking pot almost a year ago.”

While most people (for reasons unbeknownst to us) lauded Harrelson’s life choice, it didn’t sit right with one other Hollywood toking legend—Willie Nelson. And, apparently, Nelson’s green ideologies had a profound effect on the former Cheers actor.

Woody Harrelson Tokes Up Again

It may not be the working title of an upcoming sequel film, but it sure as hell feels like one.

Harrelson revealed to DeGeneres that Nelson just wasn’t going to idly sit by and watch Harrelson not smoke the ganja. For a weed-smoking legend like Nelson, Harrelson’s new lifestyle appeared to be somewhat of a travesty.

“He was never comfortable with me quitting, it just bothered him,” he said. “I would always say, ‘Willie you know I’m not smoking,’ ” Harrelson said. “He would always do the same thing like he was hearing it for the first time, ‘Oh really? Sorry!’ This happened like 500 times.”

So while the two legends were playing a friendly game of poker together, Harrelson, after winning the game, inevitably broke his marijuana fast, courtesy of Nelson.

“I was in a celebratory mood and he hands me that pin and I just snatched and it was like ‘ah, f— it,’ ” he said. “I take a big draw of it and he says ‘Welcome home, son.’ ”

Woody, Willie and Weed

While this momentous occasion marked the first time Harrelson has smoked pot in over two years, it wasn’t technically the first time he’s gotten high during that span. The actor admitted at the beginning of the interview that he would indulge in some edibles from time to time.

“I quit for almost two years. No smoking, no vaping,” Harrelson said. “Every once in a while you’re going to have something edible. Let’s be real, I’m not a nun.”

It’s unclear whether or not Harrelson will, once again, take up the reigns as a classic Hollywood stoner dad, but his latest story certainly gives us hope. It’s even just as entertaining about his story about having to smoke a joint to get through a dinner with Donald Trump.

Even if he doesn’t fully rejoin the ranks, we’ll always consider the True Detective star, one of us.

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