10 Best Dab Rigs Of 2017

The contenders for best dab rigs of 2017.
10 Best Dab Rigs Of 2017

5. Pulse Incycler Rig

10 Best Dab Rigs Of 2017

Pulse is an award-winning glass company. They’ve won awards for best percolators and now they’re a contendor for the best dab rig. They’ve always come through in terms of function and they’ve recently stepped up their aesthetic. The latest line of Pulse Glass rigs features sandblasted glass and with creative designs throughout. Their function is still one of the most consistent that you’ll find on the market.

Price: $400.00

Pros: Made of durable 5mm glass. Every piece comes with colored accented and others have artistic patterns throughout sandblasting. The sandblasted incyclers have windows in both the main and recycling chambers so you can see your smoke and water spinning. The recycling cools vapor for a smoother hit every time. The bent neck and tall recycling chamber ensure water never makes its way up the neck.

Cons: To keep the water spinning, you’ll have to use more lung capacity than you would with a smaller, single-chambered rig. Bigger than most of the other best dab rigs on our list.

Why We Like It: One of the most artistic production line pieces you can find on the market with solid function.

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