10 Best Grinders of 2017

Only the very best grinders.
10 Best Grinders of 2017

2. Santa Cruz Shredder

10 Best Grinders of 2017

The Santa Cruz Shredder is, without a doubt, one of the best grinders of 2017. Its seven-catch thread design automatically prevents cross-threading, and its anodized coating makes it durable and scratch-proof. Additionally, its deep knurled grip pattern makes this grinder easy to use for medical patients suffering from any wrist or hand pain. Your purchase also comes with a Cali Crusher press, making this well worth your investment. 

Price: $70.00

Pros: Easy to twist, sleek design, ultra-durable.

Cons: Like the Cali Crusher, this thing sells out quick.

Why We Like: It’s a high-quality, easy-to-use grinder for a reasonable price.

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