10 Best Nutrients Of 2017

The best nutrients to increase the quality and yield of your grow.
10 Best Nutrients Of 2017

The best nutrients for your cannabis plants should enhance the size, effects or flavor of your flowers. You want something that has the right level of nutrients for your plants without any unwanted additives that can change the taste or potency of your final product for the worse.

The type of nutrients and the amount you need depends on the plant’s stage of life. During the vegetative phase, “grow” formulas that are rich in nitrogen and potassium are recommended. As for the flowering stage, you want low nitrogen and high potassium. Phosphorus should be kept at medium levels during the vegetative stage with slightly increased amounts during the flowering stage.

10. Dyna-Gro BLOOM

10 Best Nutrients Of 2017

The BLOOM 3-12-6 grow formula is a low nitrogen, high phosphorus formula, so you won’t want to use this during the vegetative phase. The formula is designed to help grow larger, healthier plants. If you notice your plants are suffering from symptoms that signal a lack of phosphate, the nutrients in BLOOM are immediately available to save your plant at critical times.

Price: $47.79 (1 gallon)

Pros: You can save leaves going green with the addition of Dyna-Gro BLOOM. Verified customers have testified to seeing their harvest yields boosted after introducing Dyna-Gro to their plants.

Cons: Not the best for long-term use. If you leave it sitting around for too long, crystals will begin to form at the bottom of the bottle.

Why We Like It: Works as advertised, and the price is reasonable.

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