The Official List of High Times’ Favorite Steamrollers of 2018

We heard you’re trying to steamroll into 2019, so we made this for you.
10 Best Steamrollers Of 2017

A lot went into crafting this list. We made sure each steamroller allowed for extra air flow– you know, to pack punches of thick herbal smoke to your head. We nixed the steamrollers that clogged easily, slipped out of our hands after barely taking a hit, and/or didn’t get the job done. We researched the weird, fun, confusing, barely functional, and absolutely glorious steamrollers around– and we put this guide together for your 2019 smoking adventures.

For those just becoming acquainted with the majestic steamrolling pipe, it is, essentially, a bowl with a larger carb on the opposite end of a mouthpiece. Regular spoon-shaped bowls have a smaller carb on the side, which prohibits air from traveling freely through the pipe. Thus, a steamroller makes filling and clearing smoke from the main chamber easy. And, usually, this type of pipe gets you ridiculously stoned after one or two hits because they yield massive tokes– every time.

Ultimately, the best steamrollers of 2018 bring something new to the table while maintaining features of the classic steamroller design. Clumsy smokers should stick to less breakable steamrollers, while the stealthy smoker should go for the most portable option.


Most Durable Steamrollers of the Year


10 Best Steamrollers Of 2017


The Dreamroller brings the style of a classic steamroller with some creative twists. On top of the metal protecting the glass, the Dreamroller doesn’t need you to hold a carb. Instead, you push the button at the end to clear it.

Price: $99.99

Pros: You can use this steamroller with one hand. One of the best steamrollers of 2018 because you get the flavor of glass with protection from the aluminum body of armor and shock-absorbing silicone gaskets.

Cons: It’s expensive, but you probably won’t have to replace it as long as you don’t lose it.

Why We Like It: Durable, portable, tasty and it has an innovative clearing mechanism.


10 Best Steamrollers Of 2017

Incredibowl i420

The Incredibowl is the only steamroller to give you massive hits without stinking your fingers or palm up. You don’t have to put your finger on any carb. Just fill the chamber with smoke and pull the end out. Air will rush in from the end like any other steamroller. If you want something more portable, they have the smaller m420 model as well.

Price: $129.99

Pros: First and foremost, it’s unbreakable. It milks like a cow and is cleared immediately after sliding the bowl outwards while inhaling. You get a certificate of authenticity and a lifetime warranty with each one.

Cons: Expensive, but you’ll only need to buy it once.

Why We Like It: Fat clouds without the need to cough a lung out.

Steamrollers with the Coolest Hits


10 Best Steamrollers Of 2017

Dream Pipes Liquid Freezable Steamroller

The Dreampipes Steamroller stands out from the rest because you can leave it in the freezer and it will maintain a low temperature long enough for a smoke session.

Price: $53.00

Pros: Freezable, so your smoke is cooled before getting to you. One of the best ways to combat the harshness of a huge steamroller rip.

Cons: There isn’t a non-glitter version. You’d have to look for another brand that makes glycerin steamrollers.

Why We Like It: One of the best steamrollers of 2018 when it comes to cool, smooth hits.

Best Steamrollers for Smoking in Style


10 Best Steamrollers Of 2017

AMG Large Eyeball Steamroller Pipe

AMG stands for American Made Glass. They craft their pieces out of thick borosilicate glass with customizable labels fixed onto the glass.

Price: $64.99

Pros: Very thick glass, and it packs a punch. A cool eyeball is blown into the piece with worked colors.

Cons: Due to the large chamber, the smoke can be harsh. Not a steamroller for beginners.

Why We Like It: Huge hits and heavy, durable feeling glass.


10 Best Steamrollers Of 2017

Hot Dog Steamroller by Empire Glassworks

If you want a creative piece of glass and a steamroller, the Hot Dog Steamroller by Empire Glassworks could be just for you.

Price: $84.99

Pros: Artistic, portable and functions great. Made of thick American glass.

Cons: Expensive if your only concern is the function.

Why We Like It: Creative take on the steamroller design.

Best Steamrollers for Ballin’ on a Budget


10 Best Steamrollers Of 2017

Roor Steamroller Medium

Roor is one of the first names you think of when it comes to bong brand names. Fortunately, Roor brought their German glass to the steamroller market.

Price: $17.99

Pros: Stands upright, and there is a bowl coming out of the top, so you can see exactly what you’re lighting. The whole bowl is clear so you can see where the green you want to spark is at. Made in Germany.

Cons: The bowl coming out of the top might break if the piece rolls over or taps something hard.

Why We Like It: It’s extremely affordable for the size and quality.


10 Best Steamrollers Of 2017

Mathematix Glass Ashcatcher

Mathematix has glass with a focus on function and others that mix aesthetics and function. The Glass Ashcatcher Steamroller is all about getting that massive hit of smoke without having ash or a piece of weed fly into the back of your throat.

Price: $24.95

Pros: It’s nicely sized, affordable and it has the ash catcher at the mouthpiece so nothing but smoke finds its way into your mouth.

Cons: Not the best size for portability.

Why We Like It: It allows you to get the big hits you’d expect from a steamroller, while protecting you from ash and debris.

Most Portable Steamroller of 2018


10 Best Steamrollers Of 2017

American Helix Uno

Helix prides itself on the fact that all of its glass is made in the USA. This steamroller design uses innovation to provide a smoother smoke.

Price: $39.99

Pros: Small, portable and easy to use. Also has separate inner chambers to make smoke swirl for a smoother smoke before it reaches you. Ash and debris can’t make it past the inner chamber to you.

Cons: Not the most affordable and not the biggest clouds of smoke for a steamroller.

Why We Like It: It’s simple, small and effective.

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