The Best Vape Pens: High Times’ Vape Pen Buyer’s Guide

If you thought portable vaporizers were just a fad, think again! The meteoric rise of vape-pen technology shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, vape pens have become so ubiquitous that the Oxford Dictionaries even chose “vape” as its 2014 Word of the Year.

And who’s responsible for that? We are! Concentrate and cannabis connoisseurs have fueled the popularity of the word.

When High Times first reviewed vaporizers in 2011, we tested 17 devices: 14 for flowers and three for hash oil. In 2012, 15 vaporizers got the treatment. Last year, we upped that total to 32.

This year, however, we pulled out all the stops, tackling more than 100 concentrate and flower vaporizers. It was a herculean challenge, but our intrepid panel of judges courageously embraced the mega-high that the task required.

Because of the sheer diversity of the marketplace, and with so many improvements to past models, we chose not to group the pens together this year. Instead, our green-ribbon panel of 27 judges scored each device on its own merits, for such things as heat delivery (flowers) and atomizer quality (concentrates), as well as hit/pull, aftertaste, durability, stealth, button quality, mouthpiece quality, style/design, ease of refill and packaging. Then our Scorebook software automatically tallied each judge’s score and allowed us to view their comments in real time.

With the vaporizer market now thoroughly flooded, High Times sought to take the guesswork out of the equation for potential buyers. Herewith, we unveil our choices for the Top 25 vaporizer pens for concentrates and the Top Five pens for flowers on the market today. Happy vaping!

Best Vaporizers For Concentrates

1. Puffco Pro, by Puffco

Our first-place winner by a relative newcomer to the industry, the Puffco Pro scored big for its “amazing hits,” leaving judges high in the clouds while they admired its “sleek and simple” design and “compact retro carrying case.” Developed in Brooklyn, the Puffco Pro has a large ceramic chamber that provides room for easy loading, plenty of dabs (easily fitting a half-gram) and an abundance of pure delicious hits. Judges especially liked the gunmetal color, three temperature settings and the fact that it “hits like a dream,” hailing it as a “top choice” as well as “super-dope.”

Includes: USB charger and snap case

Price: $79.99

2. Dr. Dabber Ghost, by Dr. Dabber

Coming in a close second, the Dr. Dabber Ghost was applauded by judges for its “super hits,” “good packaging” and “minimal lights.” The Ghost’s atomizer is a step up in quality, using high-resistance Grade 4 titanium wrapped around a wick for its coil, helping to create “nice clouds” and an overall “solid pen.” While one judge complained about the “small slit” for the mouthpiece, another commented that the Dr. Dabber Ghost was an “easy high score.”

Includes: USB charger, dabber, container and extra atomizer

Price: $84.95

3.  The Daborizer, by BHO Pen

The “smooth-hitting” two-tone metal Daborizer was a favorite for its “good parts and good hits,” standing out from its competitors thanks to “lots of accessories, a nice box and a great look.” Judges liked the weight, feel and balance of the Daborizer and remarked that having “multiple tops for CO2 and BHO is a solid offering”—although, of course, having “too many parts” could be a drawback for those new to vaping.

Includes: USB charger, container, dabber, neck strap, silicone mini-mat and stand

Price: $69.99

4. The 710 King Pen

The 710 King Pen was the only vaporizer we tested that magically appeared with prefilled CO2 cartridges, ensuring a different taste to the shatter we tried in the other vape pens. Judges gave the black-and-silver snap case high marks for being “elegant” and thought the pen looked like a cool “light saber,” with a “good, solid design” that also “hit well.”

Includes: USB charger and snap case

Price: $29.99; prefilled cartridges sold separately

Wholesale inquiries, email

5. The Dab OTG, by Dab OTG

Last year, Dab OTG took top honors for Best Overall Pen and Best Hit, with judges lauding its “unique design” and “monster hits.” This time around, the company’s one-of-a-kind, hand-blown glass mouthpiece (“Beautiful!”) scored high in heady design points; it also “hits really well” for a “hippie pen” and was described by one judge as “phenomenal overall.”

Includes: USB charger and two atomizers

Price: $75

6. Micro Vaped Vaporizer 3.0

Once awarded a third-place prize for Best Product at the High Times Cannabis Cup, Micro Vaped’s Vaporizer 3.0 earned the judges’ praise for its “glass mouthpiece, which made for a nice hit.” The Nano Vubbler glass attachment with titanium coils was a “nice option” alongside the vape’s glass dome with a wickless coil and standard mouthpiece. But this is definitely a “next-level” pen that cuts down on stealthiness and portability.

Includes: USB charger, additional skillet, globe attachment, Vaped stand, lanyard, tool, adapter and case

Price: $79.99

7. The Source Orb, by Source Vapes

Offering five different atomizers (two double-coil and three single-coil) for concentrates, the Source Orb had judges raving about its “variety” and “crazy, strong hits.” The stainless-steel royal gold Orb that we tested was pronounced “sleek” and “well-weighted,” with a “unique airflow” design (“groovy in a futuristic, high-tech way”). Even so, the vape pen’s temperature settings were “too high” for one judge, who complained about a “harsh hit” that could have easily been adjusted if the instructions specified how to change the voltage.

Includes: Five atomizers, wall charger, USB cable, tool and carrying case

Price: $79.95

8. Apex Pen

With a battery twice as large as those of more traditional vape pens, the Apex also lasts twice as long without recharging. One of the most creative designs we’ve seen had the judges gushing that it’s “like a femme fatale vaporizer grenade” and “steampunk as fuck.” The “awesome ninja grip” will help to conceal use at a bar or concert. “Heavy” and “well-balanced,” the Apex’s design reduces the risk of toppling over and breaking, though the glass globe seemed “fragile” to some. Reviews like “Holy crap, the hits are so pure!” and “Holy shit, this thing kicks ass!” are enough to make us bust this out right now.

Includes: USB charger, battery, bulb atomizer, herbal atomizer, liquid atomizer and container

Price: $120

9. Power Pen

Even though the Power Pen looks generic, the judges thought that it differentiated itself from similarly modeled vape pens like the Cloud or Micro G by its “great pulls” and “good, strong hits.” Also adding to the variety are two different tips, one silver and one gold (funneled), that screw onto the atomizer base along with an e-liquid attachment, making the Power Pen a good all-round, multi-use vape pen.

Includes: USB charger, wall adapter, e-liquid atomizer attachment, silver and gold “nail” tips, tool

Price: $50

10. Dübe 2, by White Rhino

An updated version of the original Dübe, the Dübe 2 includes improvements made to the mouthpiece for increased airflow (addressing a complaint made in last year’s review), a better battery and the ability to vape liquids with a new attachment. Judges found that this “cool, slim” stealth pen with its “multi-use options” was good for both CO2 and BHO, making the Dübe 2 “convenient” and “powerful.” And apart from one judge taking “a few minutes to figure it out,” there were no complaints about ease of use. As one judge commented, “The Dübe 2 is a good sequel.”

Includes: Charger with power supply, cleaning tools, nice dabber

Price: $59.99

11. Boro Pen, by Grav Labs

The Boro Pen (short for “borosilicate,” similar to Pyrex) is the only vape pen of its kind on the market combining glass and chrome technology. Designed specifically for concentrates and vaping on the go, the Boro Pen succeeds at “large, cloudy hits,” but its “big and bulky” size is a definite drawback. One judge noted that it seemed like a “manly, beefy” vape pen, while another proclaimed that the “snap case rules.”

Includes: USB charger, glass dome, tool and two atomizers

Price: $119

12. Minicron, by Utopia Planitia

Judges complimented the “nice, solid design” of this stainless-steel pen, admiring the elements that made for an “enjoyable and good-tasting” vaporizing experience. The only drawback was the Minicron’s separately enclosed glass dome (an additional attachment sent in for review), which isn’t meant to fit into the “cool case.”

Includes: USB charger, snap case and pen

Price: $44.99

13. Stealth Skillet Kit, by Stag Vapor Co.

The gunmetal finish on the Stealth Skillet pen, along with all the accouterments in the kit, makes this an “all-enclosed slick piece.” The judges found that the “sturdy” Stealth Skillet produced plenty of vapor and “a great hit.” Stag Vapor Co. also introduced its new “Ceramiwick Technology,” which uses a porous ceramic rod in the atomizer rather than the standard silica wick to produce what the company insists is a “cleaner hit.”

Includes: USB charger, tool, lanyard, atomizer and container

Price: $69.99

14. Black Edition, by KandyPens

The super-stealthy Black Edition vape pen by KandyPens was well received by the judges for producing “big, thick clouds” that “pulled with ease.” It also comes with a lifetime warranty for both the battery and the atomizer.

Includes: USB charger, extra atomizer, mouth guards, tool and cleaning brush

Price: $99.99

15. Fog Pen, by Myster

Part of the fun of dabbing on the go is experiencing the vapor as it is formed by the atomizer. The Myster Fog Pen illustrates just that with its unique clear chamber, which is stealthily kept under wraps until use with an actual pen cap. The “very cool cover” is a clever disguise that not only makes the unit “look like a writing pen,” as one judge pointed out, but “also protects the glass from being broken.” The judges found this to be an “excellent quality” vape pen, with hits that are “really smooth.”

Includes: USB wall charger and extra atomizer

Price: $60

16. The Trippy Stix 2.0, by Pure Epic

Pure Epic has made a series of improvements to its vape pen since our 2014 Buyer’s Guide, including shortening the chamber, switching to all-titanium parts and offering gold-tip mouthpieces that aren’t just flashy but are meant to be more sanitary. The new Trippy Stix’s pluses—“love the design,” “good pulls” and “more enjoyable than the 1.0”—made this an overall “great” pen in the eyes of the judges, who complained only about the potential of losing the mouthpieces… and the Trippy Stix includes a few extra of those.

Includes: USB charger, extra Trippy tops

Price: $140

17. Cloud Pen 2.0, by Cloudpen

For the second year in a row, the Cloud Pen has earned a place in the High Times Buyer’s Guide. As the “go-to” vape pen for most entry-level users, the Cloud Pen impressed our judges with its “compatible” size and “easy-to-use” functionality, along with a “zip-up kit” that includes “everything you could want or need.” An upgraded atomizer that was “deeper and wider” meant less refilling and won bonus points from the judges.

Includes: Wall charger, container, wipe, atomizer, mouthpiece and authenticity card

Price: $79.99

18. Boom Mini Reload 2-in-1, by Agni e-Cigarette (Boom Vaporizer)

This stainless-steel “perfect starter pen” is easy to use and offers a “slim, nice, plain, discreet look.” Though the packaging appeared “inexpensive,” the Boom Mini Reload—which is billed as an e-cigarette—“pulls fantastic.” However, the mouthpiece “would be better if it wasn’t spring-loaded”; it confused judges by “moving in and out like a pen” and would have scored higher if it weren’t for the “clicking thingy.” Judges also experienced difficulty opening the box and removing the pen from its less-than-stoner-friendly packaging.

Includes: USB, two atomizers, dabber and brush

Price: $30

19. Vape Sabre, by Puff Nugs

With the biggest atomizer on the market, the Vape Sabre’s coil allowed our judges to create some of the biggest hits we’ve ever seen. “Huge pulls” and “one of the best tanks for filling” made up for the pen’s “awkward outside appearance.” The Puff Nuggs website informs us that “small snorkel holes” were added to the atomizer design to help with the airflow, and the company also upgraded to a larger battery to power the coil. “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” one tester concluded. “This pen delivered great hits.”

Includes: USB charger, silicone case, dab tool and brush

Price: $79.95

20. Yocan W1 Kit, by Agni e-Cigarette (Boom Vaporizer)

The Yocan vape pen, with its “stylish” and “slick design,” provided judges with “mild hits” from its glass chamber, which features what Yocan describes as “Nero Technology”—instead of direct contact with the atomizer, the wax is distributed over a thin metallic plate heater, eliminating wicks and leading to less clogging and damage. The “adjustable temperature with one button is awesome,” said one judge, and the “easy-to-fill” chamber makes the Yocan a “dependable” choice.

Includes: USB charger, two atomizers and dabber

Price: $40

21. Cloud V Mini, by Cloud V

The Cloud V Mini is similar to other makes and models of vaporizer pens, but there’s no denying that its size and portability make it a “super-fun” and accessible vape for beginners. The “great size for stealth,” “smooth style” and “leather-ish” snap case all combine to deliver a nice “self-contained” kit for dabbers on the go.

Includes: Case, charging cable, dabber and mouth guards

Price: $54.99

22. Skycloud (with bubbler), by KandyPens

We had a lot of fun testing the Skycloud and its bubbler attachment. Judges “love the potential and great initial design” and said the “vape-pen rig is a hoot.” But while the “large glass mouthpiece hit well” and could double as a “bong smoker’s pen,” the attachment was “neither durable nor convenient.”

Includes: USB charger, attachments (for e-liquid, tobacco and concentrates), tool and brush

Price: $119.95; bubbler attachment, $69.95

23. Go.Pen, by O.PenVape

Definitely one of the most convenient vape pens on the market, the Go.Pen uses prefilled CO2 cartridges bought at dispensaries, which are then attached to the battery base. With no button to push, there’s no temperature to set or on/off to click. The judges liked the Go.Pen’s “no-loading” technique, which made it “super-easy” to use, and praised its “uncomplicated” USB charger.

Includes: USB charger and battery

Price: $49.99

24. Helix Vape Pen, by Grav Labs

Featuring a battery base and coil similar to most vape pens, the Helix breaks the mold with its unique triangular glass-dome attachment. Designed with three micro-holes and a carb, the pen had the judges confessing that they loved “watching the helix plume build up” and “swirl” within the “mushroom dome.” Though they found it “slow to heat at first,” the judges also praised the Helix for its “great draw” but worried that they would need to “replace the glass” in the case of an “unfortunate and tragic accident.” (Note: This pen is not for the accident-prone.)

Includes: USB charger, glass mouthpiece, glass adapter, three atomizers, tool, battery

Price: $109

25. Taylor Gang Micro G, by Grenco Science

Rounding out the Top 25 is the Taylor Gang Micro G, a vape pen that “performs as expected” but comes with “cool branding” and “stylistic moon-landing” packaging to help you vape into orbit. While the atomizer was pronounced “pretty good,” it offered “good” hits and draws, making this a “compact kit full of lots of little accessories” that you wouldn’t “normally expect” (the Taylor Gang patches, for example) from a vaporizer.

Includes: USB charger, two atomizers, tool, mouth guards, two patches

Price: $99.95

Best Vaporizers For Flower

1. The Crafty, by Storz & Bickel

From the makers of the Volcano comes the Crafty, a portable, handheld vaporizer that truly vapes your cannabis and doesn’t burn right through it. The smallest of the company’s vapes, the Crafty heats up to the pre-set temp of 365°F with just a single push of a button, then alerts you when it’s ready with a short buzz and the LED indicator switching from red to green. “High-tech” doesn’t begin to describe this “excellent make and model,” which syncs with an app that allows you to activate an alarm, control the on/off setting and monitor battery use. The Crafty had judges expressing the desire to “vape anywhere,” with “great-tasting hits,” “big clouds” and a “sturdy” design that scored high for durability.

Price: $399

2. Pax 2, by Pax Labs

The Pax 2’s packaging reminded our judges of Apple products, with its “simple yet high-tech similarities… sleekness and stealthiness.” The anodized brushed-aluminum unit (available in four colors) is “small and discreet” without feeling insubstantial. It offers a “nice heft in the hand,” with two interchangeable mouthpieces for vaping: The flat mouthpiece lies flush, making it nearly impossible to see (“incognito!”), while the raised mouthpiece offers a “better pull.” The Pax 2 vapes “beautifully” without scorching the flowers and was a welcome last-minute addition to our review.

Price: $279.99

3. G Pro Herbal Vaporizer, by Grenco Science

“Easy to use” and requiring “little to no effort,” the G Pro Herbal delivers a “nice, smooth hit.” With three temperature settings, a durable body and a stainless-steel chamber, this handheld unit impressed our judges as being perfect for “newcomers” to the flower-vaporizer market.

Price: $99.95

4. Magic-Flight Launch Box, by Magic-Flight

With “immediate heat delivery” at the “push of a battery,” Magic-Flight’s hand-carved wooden box reminded judges of the “old-school” days when “getting high was easy.” It had a lot of “hippie appeal,” said one, with a style that was both “awkward” and “charming” but “got the job done.” Easy to refill with the help of a sliding lid that keeps your herb in place on the go, the Magic-Flight is made in the USA (“with a lot of TLC”) and is perfect to take to your next festival or concert.

Price: $119

5. V2 Pro Series 7 Vaporizer, by V2 Cigs

After a series of clicks, the judges found the heat delivery to be “fairly easy,” with three temperature levels to choose from. The pull was also “easy and continuous at the proper temperature, with little to no aftertaste.” Available in three colors, the V2 Pro was “fairly stealthy” and scored design points for offering mouthpieces for liquid, wax and flowers.

Price: $149.99


White Rhino Trifecta Vaporizer
White Rhino Dome Vape
Dübe XS
Sleek V2
Sky High Platinum
Cloud V Platinum
Cloud V Phantom
Phantom Pro
Vapor X Exponent3
Bullet Max Vaporizer
LIV Vaporizer Power Bank
Dr. GreenThumb X
Yocan EXgo W2 Kit
Yocan EXgo W3 Kit
Yocan EXgo W4 Kit
Boom Discreet
Elements Capricorn
710 ARK Ultimate Vape Kit
Skate Mental Survival Speaker with Micro G
VIP by SSV (Vapor Inhalation Pen)
The Mini Stix The Trippy Stix
Herbstick Omicron Lite
Pulsar Lux-D
SuperNova Mini
OG Pen No.1
Micro Duffy
E- Paradise Fader Pen OG Kit
Cloud Pen 1.0
Cloud Pen 3.0
Cloud Pen Paragon
Seego Vhit Vape
DGK x Grenco Science
Blackout Dry Herb
Vape OR Glass Globe VapeKit w/ Heat Control VapeOR Mini Vape Kit
Seego V-Hit Boom
Sleel V2
Eye-Puff Bard by iPuff
Power Pen Stealth
Power Pen Disposable
Terra Herbal Vape CloudV
T-Vape 2.0
Vaporbrothers VB Eleven
Airistech Shiva
Airistech AS1 Micro Pen
Airistech AS-2 Mini
Sentinel M-16
Vaporskunk Endo Vape
Cloud Pen Chloris

  1. I started vaping herbs through an atmos pen when they first came out, then I got into wax and clear in the pen. I went from the atmos to vape pens that were per filled with THC vape juice. I love them all but I’m now using the inhalers now. Has anyone tried them? This stuff is made from they are the only one that found a way to have it so clean that it doesn’t clog the spray hole over time. Let me know if you guys know any other ones I should try.

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